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Online Notary in North Carolina

Online Notary, also known as remote online notarization (RON), is a virtual service that allows you to notarize your legal documents in North Carolina and anywhere else in the United States.

Notarizing your documents adds authenticity to your legal documents. LawDepot’s Online Notary service is convenient, secure, and affordable. Simply use your web device’s camera and microphone to connect with a notary public. 

Online notarization is also known as: 

  • E-Notary
  • Digital notarization
  • Virtual notarization

Yes, it is legal for residents of North Carolina to use an Online Notary to get their documents notarized. In the next section, we’ll discuss the laws that make it legal.

What are North Carolina's online notarization laws?

Online Notarization is legal in North Carolina due to two pieces of legislation:

  1. The Full Faith and Credit Clause: All U.S. states must give “full faith and credit” to any legal acts completed in another state. In other words, if a North Carolina resident has their document notarized online by a notary in a different state, this notarization must be considered valid in North Carolina. 
  2. House Bill 776: This bill made remote notarization permanently legal in North Carolina. Additionally, Bill 776 was amended by Senate Bill 552, which made various changes to North Carolina’s notary act.

Like traditional notaries, there are some specific online notarization regulations that e-notaries in North Carolina must follow:

  • Notaries must be able to identify the signer. This can be done by using a current document issued by a federal or state government agency that includes an image of the signer and a signature or a physical description of the individual. Notaries may also use an oath or affirmation of one credible witness personally known to the signer. 
  • Notaries must also use secure communication technology
  • The electronic notarization session must be recorded by the electronic notary and securely stored in an electronic journal.

What documents can be notarized online in North Carolina?

Documents that North Carolina residents can notarize include:

With LawDepot’s Online Notary, our notaries can provide you with the following notarial services:

  • An acknowledgment is when you declare to the notary your willingness to sign a document.
  • A jurat is when you swear or affirm in front of the notary that the contents of a document are truthful.

How much does online notarization cost in North Carolina?

LawDepot’s Online Notary costs $25 for the first seal and $10 for each additional seal.

Our pricing aligns with the permitted pricing in North Carolina. The Secretary of State allows notaries in North Carolina to charge up to $25 per electronic notarization.

What documents cannot be notarized online in North Carolina?

You cannot notarize the following documents in North Carolina with LawDepot’s Online Notary: 

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