Editorial Policy

LawDepot's mission is to craft content that explains complicated legalese in an easily understandable, friendly, and supportive manner. Whether you're trying to manage your rental property, complete your estate planning, finalize a separation, start a business, or complete another legal task, you'll likely run into questions and concerns with the legal documents you need.

That's where LawDepot's editorial resources come in.

Not only do we provide you with the legal documents you need to achieve your goals, but we also want to be a transparent source of expert information on legal matters so that you can be fully confident in the documents you are using before you sign them.

LawDepot has been providing online legal documents and information for over 20 years, and we think it's essential to share the processes behind how we produce our content.

Editorial Principles

Understandable: We don't use legal jargon in our content. The goal of our content is to explain the complicated and confusing legalese used in legal documents in a way that everyone can comprehend. When we have to use a specific legal term, we provide the definition or examples to help explain the concept in the simplest terms possible.

Supportive: We know that some endeavours involving legal forms can be stressful and overwhelming. We want our content to be here to help guide you through the process with as few hiccups as possible. We provide you with educational material you can use with confidence.

Factual: When it comes to legal matters, accuracy is of the utmost importance. We ensure all our content sources state or federal laws, or the regulating government agencies. All our content gets thoroughly fact-checked, edited and reviewed before it is published on our site.

Inclusive: We write our content to reflect and respect readers of all ages, races, gender, family types, sexual orientations, and physical and mental abilities.

Editorial Process

All content on LawDepot is written, edited and reviewed by our in-house team of experienced writers, editors and lawyers. LawDepot's content is for educational purposes. We don't provide legal advice, but we provide relevant information, support and breakdowns of complicated legalese topics to help guide you through your process. Each piece of content we create goes through three different reviews before being published on LawDepot.

Our entire editorial process can be summarized in the following eight steps:
  1. Content brainstorming and ideation
  2. Research
  3. Draft writing
  4. Fact-checking and editing by the editorial team
  5. Legal review
  6. Product review
  7. Publication
  8. Continuous reviewing and updating to maintain accuracy

Firstly, our writers ensure that each piece of content sources the appropriate state or federal laws, and provides citations and links to any government agencies that regulate or support the topic area. Every piece of content is then fact-checked and reviewed by our team of experienced, in-house editors to guarantee we deliver error-free content.

Most importantly, before any content is published on LawDepot it is reviewed by our in-house team of lawyers and legal specialists to ensure its accuracy. Finally, our content is reviewed by our Product team to confirm that our written content and product questionnaires support each other efficiently.

Our editorial team is also constantly reevaluating and reviewing the content on our site to make sure it stays up-to-date and cites the most recent laws and regulations. When necessary, this means sections of or entire pieces of content are rewritten, re-edited and rereviewed to maintain accuracy. To reflect this process, we maintain a “Last updated” date at the top of our content.

Affiliate Links

LawDepot's content does occasionally feature affiliate links from our partners. We partner with other organizations that provide resources and products that can support our users' goals and objectives. The trust of our users is of utmost importance to us; as such, we only partner with select brands and businesses with products we trust.

Guest Post Policy

Due to our thorough research, writing and reviewing process for all of our content, LawDepot does not accept guest post pitches or submissions for any part of our site.

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