An uncontested divorce is perhaps the most simple and inexpensive way to get a divorce. In order to get an uncontested divorce you and your spouse must agree to all the terms of the divorce. The terms of the divorce include the division of matrimonial property and debts, custody and visitation of the children, and if applicable, spousal support (alimony).
What are the advantages of an Uncontested Divorce?

The most obvious advantage is that an uncontested divorce is relatively inexpensive. You and your spouse will be able to end your marriage quickly, quietly, inexpensively, and with dignity.

What if we have not agreed to all the issues of our divorce?

If you and your spouse have unresolved issues, this means that you both still have some negotiating to do. You must both be patient and slowly work through your issues to come to an agreement.

In instances where both of you want to have an uncontested divorce, but there are still some issues that you simply cannot work through, you may want to consider going to a mediator. Once those issues have been settled, LawDepot's divorce package can help you with your uncontested divorce.

When is it a bad idea to get an uncontested divorce?

Couples who are in an acrimonious divorce or couples who simply cannot resolve their problems should probably avoid getting an uncontested divorce. Additionally, in situations of domestic violence, an uncontested divorce will not be a likely option because the victim will not be able to negotiate with the other spouse.

Are court filing fees included?

The cost of using our site for your divorce documents does not include any filing fees.

How long will my divorce take?

LawDepot cannot control the time it will take for the court to finalize your divorce. We would suggest that you not make plans for remarriage until the court provides you with the date your divorce will be final.

Do I need an attorney?

We recommend that you and/or your spouse each consult with a separate attorney if you need legal advice or have questions about your legal rights.

Do you file the court papers for me?

No. However, we have provided you with detailed instructions on how to file your divorce forms with the court. These step-by-step instructions clearly outline the procedures you need to follow in order to get your divorce.

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