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Online Notary in Arkansas

Online Notary, also known as remote online notarization (RON), is a virtual service that allows you to notarize legal documents in Arkansas and from anywhere else in the United States. By using LawDepot’s Online Notary, you connect with a notary public using your device’s camera and microphone.

Online Notary is a secure, easy, and accessible way to notarize legal documents conveniently from work or home.

Yes, online notarization is legal in Arkansas. The state permanently permitted the use of online notarization in April of 2021 by amending Arkansas Code § 21-14-301 with Senate Bill 340.

Additionally, remote online notarization is supported by the Full Faith and Credit Clause, which requires all states to recognize that notarial acts performed in one state are valid in another. Also, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act recognizes an e-signature as a legal form of signing a document. 

How much does Online Notarization cost in Arkansas?

Arkansas is one of the few states that doesn’t set a fee for online notarization. With LawDepot’s Online Notary service, it’s just $25 for the first seal and $10 for each additional seal. So Arkansans can save on travel costs and get documents notarized in a matter of minutes.

What documents can Arkansans notarize with LawDepot?

LawDepot’s Online Notary service can notarize several legal documents to validate them for Coloradans. These include:

Documents Arkansans cannot notarize with LawDepot’s Online Notary

There are certain documents that cannot be notarized. This includes copies of vital documents, which are government-issued and contain personal information about a person’s life events. Notary publics cannot verify if a copy of a vital document is true to the original. Only the government agency that issues vital documents can issue certified copies.

LawDepot cannot notarize copy certification, which is also known as certified copies. Other documents LawDepot doesn’t notarize include: 

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