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MINUTES OF THE ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING OF THE SHAREHOLDER (the "Shareholder") of __________ (the "Corporation") held at __________, on June 14, 2024, at the hour of __________.

  1. The following Shareholder was present: ____________________
  2. UPON MOTION, ____________________ acted as Chairman of the meeting and ____________________ acted as Secretary of the meeting.

Shareholders' Organizational Meeting

Alternate Names:

Shareholders' Organizational Meeting Minutes are also known as:

  • First Organizational Meeting Minutes
  • Minutes of the First Shareholders' Meeting
  • Initial Shareholders' Meeting Minutes

What are Shareholders' Organizational Meeting Minutes?

A shareholders' organizational meeting is where shareholders discuss business relating to the organization of a corporation by incorporators or directors. The Shareholders' Organizational Meeting Minutes record the decisions that are discussed during this meeting.

What should be recorded in the Shareholders' Organizational Meeting Minutes?

At a shareholders' organizational meeting, the shareholders sign or give formal consent to any contracts or agreements that contain the decisions of the incorporators and directors.

During the meeting, the shareholders can resolve to:

  • Approve initial corporate bylaws for the internal management of the company
  • Approve the acts of the incorporators or initial directors
  • Set the fiscal year of the corporation
  • Appoint or waive appointment of auditors for the year ahead
  • Appoint directors
  • Appoint corporate officers such as president, secretary, chief executive officer, etc.
  • Confirm the appointment of directors (if initial directors were named in the Articles of Incorporation)

Who are the parties listed in the Shareholders' Organizational Meeting Minutes?

The names and positions of all the parties attending the shareholders' organizational meeting should be recorded in the minutes.

If a chairperson or secretary are present, their information should also be included.

The chairperson of the meeting is someone who is appointed to guide and manage the meeting, as well as maintain order. Usually, the chairperson or chair of the meeting is also the chairperson of the board of directors for the corporation.

The secretary of the meeting is usually an executive officer of the corporation and is responsible for recording the minutes of the meeting.

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