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Rent Receipt
Receipt Date: October 19, 2021

Property Address:  
Tenant Name(s):  
Rental Period: October 19, 2021 to October 19, 2021
Date Payment Received: October 19, 2021
Paid To:  
Payment Type: Personal Check
Amount Owed:  
Amount Paid:  
Remaining Balance:  

This receipt acknowledges that Landlord has been paid in full for the rental period of October 19, 2021 - October 19, 2021.

Payment received by: __________________   __________________  
  (Print Name)   (Signature)  

For questions or concerns please contact:

Rent Receipt

Other Names

A Rent Receipt is also known as:

  • Rental Fee Invoice
  • Rent Proof of Payment Slip
  • Rent Remittance Voucher

What is a Rent Receipt?

A Rent Receipt is a remittance slip the landlord of a rental property provides for a tenant anytime the tenant makes a rent payment.

A Rent Receipt helps the landlord and the tenant keep a record of all the rent payments the tenant has made. A Rent Receipt acts just like a sales receipt you would receive when buying or selling goods and services--it provides proof that the transaction took place.

How should I use a Rent Receipt?

A Rent Receipt should be used by the landlord of a residential property occupied by tenants who make rent payments. A common example would be if you are the landlord of an apartment building where the tenants pay rent on a monthly basis.

A landlord who writes a Rent Receipt for a tenant can either photocopy or scan the receipt for their own records, or enter the receipt details in whatever rent payment tracking system they use.

A Rent Receipt can also be used to document a one-time rental fee, like when someone who is on holiday rents a vacation property owned by a private citizen.

What information should a Rent Receipt include?

A Rent Receipt typically contains the following information:

  • Tenant name and telephone number
  • Landlord or property manager name
  • Rental property address and unit number if applicable
  • Rental period the payment applies to (e.g. April 1 - April 30)
  • Amount of the rent payment and how it was made (personal check, cash, etc.)
  • Remaining balance (and applicable late fees) if a partial rent payment is made

The Rent Receipt should also include the date the payment was made, and the name and signature of the landlord or property manager who received/processed the rent payment.

Why should I use a Rent Receipt?

Issuing a Rent Receipt provides your tenant with a "proof of purchase" they can use to keep accurate records of their rent payments over time. You can also make a copy or digital scan of a tenant's Rent Receipt to keep for your records.

Also, if you own a vacation property, Rent Receipts are an excellent way to keep records of who has rented your property and when each rental took place.

Forms related to a Rent Receipt

  • Residential Rental Application: a document used by landlords and rental property managers to gather information about potential tenants
  • Residential Lease Agreement: a contract that outlines the details of a rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant
  • Notice of Termination: a legal document used when a landlord finds it necessary to terminate the lease agreement between them and a tenant
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