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Rent Receipt
Receipt Date: ________________ ____, ________

Property Address:  
Tenant Name:  
Rental Period: July 19, 2024 to July 19, 2024
Date Payment Received: July 19, 2024
Paid To:  
Payment Type: Cash
Total Owed: $
Amount Paid: $
Remaining Balance: $

This receipt acknowledges that __________ has been paid in full for the rental period of July 19, 2024 - July 19, 2024.

Payment received by: __________   __________  
  (Print Name)   (Signature)  

For questions or concerns, please contact:
Name: __________
Phone: __________
Email: __________

Last updated: October 13, 2023

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What is a Rent Receipt?

A Rent Receipt is a written slip that a landlord gives to a tenant when paying rent. Although they are beneficial for multiple reasons, Rent Receipts are primarily helpful because they prove that tenants have paid their rent. Having proof of payment is especially important when a tenant’s payment method is challenging to track, such as with cash.

You can use Rent Receipts for all types of residential and commercial tenants, including those renting apartments, houses, rooms, offices, and warehouses, regardless of whether the tenants are on month-to-month or yearly leases.

A Rent Receipt is also known as a:

  • Rent payment receipt
  • Receipt for rent payment
  • Rental receipt
  • Renter’s receipt
  • Rent paid receipt
  • Proof of rent payment

A Rent Receipt acts much like a sales receipt or Bill of Sale that you would use to record a transaction that involves the sale of goods.

Landlord benefits to using Rent Receipts

When managing tenancies, there are multiple benefits to using Rent Receipts. For example, they can help you:

  • Maintain a professional appearance with your tenants
  • Stay organized and track tenant payments
  • Abide by the law, if your state requires them
  • Delight and impress your tenants, hopefully resulting in lower tenant turnover

Tenant benefits to receiving Rent Receipts

As a tenant, there are many benefits to receiving Rent Receipts. For example, they can help tenants:

  • Prove they paid their rent if their landlord tries to wrongfully evict or sue them for nonpayment
  • Prove they paid their rent on time if their landlord ever wrongfully charges late penalties
  • Track their rent payments and have a paper trail of their monthly expenses
  • Back up their tax deduction claims if they run a home-based business in the rental property
  • Help them claim the renter's tax credit on their income taxes if they live in a state that provides a tax credit for renters

How to fill out a Rent Receipt

To complete a Rent Receipt, ensure it contains the following information:

  • The payment method (e.g., cash, electronic funds transfer, money order, personal check, etc.)
  • The payment date
  • The payment amount
  • The remaining balance, if the tenant makes a partial payment
  • The rental period in which the payment applies (e.g., April 1 - April 30)
  • Any late fees, if applicable
  • The landlord or property manager’s name and contact information
  • The tenant’s name
  • The rental property address

Why do some tenants require Rent Receipts for tax purposes?

Tenants may require Rent Receipts if they live in a state that provides a tax credit for renters. A renter's tax credit allows tenants to receive a credit on their annual tax return based on their total yearly rent payment.

Tax credits can give tenants more money and offset other living expenses, such as utility costs. To properly claim this tax credit, renters may require Rent Receipts to prove their total rent cost in a year.

In addition, if a tenant runs a home-based business, they may require Rent Receipts for tax deduction purposes. Generally, the portion of a rental property that a tenant uses solely for business qualifies for tax deductions. To properly claim these tax deductions, renters may require Rent Receipts to prove their total rent cost in a year.

Does a landlord have to provide Rent Receipts?

Whether a landlord has to provide Rent Receipts depends on their state and the tenant’s payment method. The following examples outline the various possibilities that exist across the United States:

  • Some states have laws requiring landlords to provide tenants with Rent Receipts, such as Massachusetts.
  • Some states only require a landlord to provide a Rent Receipt when tenants pay with cash, including Maryland, Texas, and Washington.
  • Some states, such as Colorado, only require a landlord to provide a Rent Receipt when the tenant pays with cash and requests a receipt.
  • Some states have no legislation and do not require landlords to provide their tenants with Rent Receipts, such as Alabama.

In addition, some cities may have regulations that require landlords to give tenants Rent Receipts even if the state does not. Therefore, it is best to check the rules outlined by your city's local housing board.

Regardless of your state’s laws and regulations, creating Rent Receipts is always a good idea for staying organized and delighting your tenants.

Do Rent Receipts need to be signed?

Yes. The person who receives the payment needs to sign the Rent Receipt. Generally, this person will be the landlord or property manager.

Should landlords keep copies of Rent Receipts?

As a landlord, there is no legal requirement to keep copies of Rent Receipts. However, it is good to keep copies for your own records should you ever have to provide evidence of your rental income.

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