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What is an Online Divorce?

An Online Divorce helps you prepare all the necessary documents for no-fault, uncontested divorces. Spouses typically pursue an Online Divorce when they agree on the terms of their divorce and want an easy and affordable process without involving lawyers.

Online Divorce services direct you through a series of questions you can complete at your own pace. The answers you provide are then used to produce the documents you need.

You must still file your divorce papers with a court and go through the proper legal process to finalize a divorce. Once approved and finalized by a court, a divorce permanently terminates a marriage.

Should I use Online Divorce services?

If you and your spouse both agree to a divorce and its terms, you may want to pursue an Online Divorce. It is a valuable option for people looking to simplify their divorce documents preparation and save money.

Online Divorces are becoming more and more common because they can be completed confidentially and conveniently. By using an online service like, you can avoid lawyer fees and set yourself up for future financial stability.

Instead of having a court decide the terms of your divorce, you and your partner can use an Online Divorce to set your own terms. You must submit your forms and other required divorce papers to a court for a final ruling.

What is included in an Online Divorce?

Online Divorce services provide a wide range of documents and resources, such as:

  • All government-required forms
  • Detailed filing instructions
  • Name change applications
  • Alimony calculator
  • Child support calculator
  • Parenting plan

Do I need a lawyer to get a divorce?

Hiring a lawyer may not be necessary if you and your spouse agree on terms of your divorce. Not involving any lawyers and pursuing an Online Divorce might be the best option, depending on your circumstances.

If you and your spouse disagree on the division of your assets and responsibilities, child custody, or any other major topics, hiring a lawyer may be beneficial.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is when spouses agree to the terms of their divorce without court assistance and work together to divide shared assets and responsibilities.

Couples who go through an uncontested divorce can pursue an Online Divorce and submit the necessary documents to a court for approval. Often, uncontested divorces don’t need to go to trial.

A contested divorce is when a married couple cannot agree to the terms of their divorce without legal and court assistance. Often, they must go through expensive settlement negotiations and divorce hearings in court. A husband or wife may hire a divorce lawyer or family lawyer for individual legal services. If spouses cannot agree, they can also choose collaborative divorce or divorce mediation.

What is a no-fault divorce?

No-fault divorce is when neither party is to blame for the dissolution of the marriage. Most couples who choose this type of divorce list "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the divorce. No-fault divorces can be pursued online if spouses agree to the terms of their divorce without legal assistance.

Fault divorce is when one party believes their partner was at fault for the marriage breakdown. For example, if one spouse was abusive or unfaithful, they may be considered to blame for the end of the relationship. Typically, fault divorces cannot be completed online.

Do common law marriages require a divorce?

Common law marriage is a relationship in which couples live together, present themselves as spouses, and combine their finances, property, and assets. In jurisdictions that recognize common law marriage, couples generally need to file for divorce to dissolve the relationship.

In some jurisdictions, cohabitating for a specific time period automatically constitutes a common law marriage. Check with your local jurisdiction to determine if common law marriages require divorce proceedings.

Who should prepare the divorce papers?

Spouses can complete an Online Divorce together, or one spouse can prepare the documents and submit it to the other for approval. Ultimately, it does not matter which spouse prepares the divorce papers, as long as both agree to the terms.

How to prepare Online Divorce Papers

With CompleteCase, the Online Divorce process is simple.

  1. Check if you qualify to obtain your divorce papers online.
  2. If you qualify, fill out the online questionnaire with the appropriate information.
  3. Once the questionnaire is complete, submit your answers for processing to generate your divorce forms.
  4. File your divorce papers at your courthouse and meet service requirements on the other person as your state requires.

Depending on your state, you can sometimes submit your documents by mail or fax without appearing in court.

Can you file for divorce online?

Online divorce services cannot independently result in a legally recognized divorce. Rather, online divorce services provide you with the required divorce documents that you need to begin the divorce process.

You can prepare all necessary documents for no-fault, uncontested divorces through CompleteCase.

After you finish their online questionnaire and submit your answers for processing, you will get access to your completed divorce papers in two business days or less. Once your documents are ready you can print and download them instantly. Before signing, you can make changes and reprint your documents as necessary. When ready, file your papers according to the simple filing instructions provided.

CompleteCase offers online divorce papers and other resources to all US states.

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