Satisfaction of Mortgage

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LawDepot's Satisfaction of Mortgage is ideal for:

  • Satisfaction of mortgage is a document signed by a lender (mortgagee) acknowledging that a mortgage has been fully paid and that the mortgage is no longer a lien on the real property.

  • Within minutes, you can have a Satisfaction of Mortgage ready to be signed.

  • Pay a fraction of the cost when compared with traditional legal services.

The following states may use either our Deed of Reconveyance or Satisfaction of Mortgage depending on whether a mortgage or deed of trust was originally registered to secure the loan: Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and West Virginia.

The following states should instead use our Deed of Reconveyance contract: Alaska, Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia.

We regularly maintain this contract. Last Modified: October 2015
Satisfaction of Mortgage Details
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Governing Law
(the jurisdiction where the land exists and the mortgage was registered)

The mortgage was recorded in:

What county was mortgage recorded in? (i.e. Autauga)

Mortgagee's information
(Person who lent the money)

Number of Mortgagees:

(e.g. Street, City, State, ZIP Code)

Type of mortgagee:

Mortgagor's information
(Person who borrowed money and pledged his/her land as security.)

Number of Mortgagors:

(e.g. Street, City, State, ZIP Code)

Mortgage Information
Mortgage Execution Date:
The date upon which the mortgage agreement was originally signed. (e.g. July 1st, 2014)

Amount of Principal: $
                               (e.g. 10000.00)

Mortgage Registration Date:
The date at which the mortgage was registered at the Office of the Judge Probate. (e.g. July 1st, 2014)

Description of Mortgage Record:

Where the Mortgage has been recorded (e.g. Book 4, Page 10, Document/Instrument Number 3, Assessor's Property Tax Parcel/Account Number 52)

Description of Property:

The legal description of the Property where the Mortgage was registered to secure the loan. (e.g. Section Number, Lot Number, Block Number, City, County/District)

Signing Details

Date this Satisfaction of Mortgage to be signed:
In which jurisdiction will this deed be notarized?