Revocation of Power of Attorney

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  • cancelling a previously granted power of attorney.

A power of attorney can be revoked by a written instrument of revocation signed by or on behalf of the person who granted the power.

Revocation of Power of Attorney Details
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Governing Law

Your Information The person who gives or revokes authority can be referred to as a donor, grantor, granter or principal.

Attorney-in-fact Information An attorney or attorney-in-fact is the person that you have entrusted with powers.

How many Attorneys-in-fact were acting on your behalf?

Details of Your Power of Attorney

When did you sign your power of attorney?
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Signing Details of Revocation

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Would you like to include a witness certificate acknowledging the mental capacity of the principal?
You should only request a witness certificate if you are revoking a durable power of attorney (a power of attorney which is effective even after you have become mentally incapable). The witness certificate confirms that you are mentally capable of understanding this document.

Can I still revoke my Power of Attorney if I become incompetent?

An ordinary power of attorney is automatically revoked if the person who made it is found to be incompetent, but a durable/enduring power of attorney can only be revoked by the person who made it while that person is mentally competent.

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