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Model and Entertainment Release Form (US) [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Model and Entertainment Release is a contract in which the subject of a work (such as a photograph, video, or audio recording) consents to the commercial use of that work by a photographer, artist, or third party (such as a magazine or website).
Pet Agreement Form [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Pet Agreement is used to settle disputes when a relationship ends and the parties are co-owners of a pet(s).
Trademark Assignment Form (US) [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Trademark Assignment transfers ownership of a trademark from one party to another.
Shareholder Agreement Form (US) [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Shareholder Agreement is a contract between shareholders of a corporation. It specifies shareholder rights and responsibilities, and includes terms on internal management, share valuation, profit distribution, dispute resolution methods, and more within a corporation.
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