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A separation agreement is a written contract made between married couples who intend to separate from each other. The contract documents specific details of how the spouses agree to separate.
Use a birth plan to prepare for labor and delivery. Bring a template to prenatal visits to guide your questions and make informed decisions.
Navigating child custody and child support during a separation can be difficult. Find out how to discuss custody and support with your ex-spouse and add it to your Separation Agreement in this article.
Answers to commonly asked questions about marriage separation, including how it works, who gets custody of children, the difference between legal and trial separation, and more.
What is the difference between divorce and separation? Find the answer in this article, and learn what the different subsets of each are to help you determine how to move forward.
There are many difficult emotions involved with ending a marriage, and starting the required legal process can be overwhelming. Learn how to make filing for divorce as reasonable and uncomplicated as possible.
From traveling to receiving medical care, the chaperone or temporary caregiver for your child will need valid child consent forms. This article offers information and tips on what to include, what documents you might need, and suggestions on where to get your child consent forms notarized.
If you're looking to separate from your spouse, this article has information and tips to help get you started on the process.
Prenuptial agreements are a useful tool in estate planning. Couples can list which assets are considered separate property and which are considered shared (marital) property. Making this distinction before marriage is crucial to prevent separate assets from being misclassified as marital or joint property when a spouse dies.
There is a lot of paperwork involved with getting married—or if you are separating from your spouse. Learn how certain marriage and separation documents become legally valid.
Traveling with children, whether they are yours or someone else's, can be complicated. Find out what paperwork you will need and how best to prepare for your flight in this guide.
Divorce is a complicated process. There can be a lot of paperwork and proceedings involved, and at times, some things can fall through the cracks. This article can guide you through which estate planning documents you need to update after divorcing from your husband or wife.

Family Documents

Prenuptial AgreementUsed to document and separate the assets of two people prior to marriage.
Separation AgreementA document that helps separating couples to divide assets and debts, as well as specify child and spousal support.
Child Travel ConsentA form used by a parent or legal guardian to give permission to a child to travel alone or with another adult.
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