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Whether you're flying, driving, or sailing, traveling can be stressful—especially with kids. Here are the three documents to be sure to have when you're traveling with children.
Discover cost-saving tips for a smooth, affordable divorce. From the divorce process to dividing assets, we've got you covered.
Going through a divorce or need information from a past divorce case? Learn how to find, retrieve, and hide court documents in this post.
Use a birth plan to prepare for labor and delivery. Bring a template to prenatal visits to guide your questions and make informed decisions.
Navigating child custody and child support during a separation can be difficult. Find out how to discuss custody and support with your ex-spouse and add it to your Separation Agreement in this article.
Resolving a legal dispute through litigation is no one's first choice because it can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, disputing parties usually first try an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method, such as negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.
You care for your children in many different ways. Ensure your children are always cared for by learning about the important documents that can protect them when you're not around.
Before you say "I Do," there are some crucial things you need to do to protect yourself and your assets. Learn how marriage will impact your legal and financial status and create the documents you need to safeguard you and your partner.
This article offers information and tips on what to include, what documents you might need, and suggestions on where to get your child consent forms notarized.
Once a couple is married, their legal affairs become entwined and they gain many personal and financial rights that unmarried couples typically don't have. Discover which legal documents can give unmarried couples the same legal protections.
While protection is the prenup's most commonly-known purpose, it is not the only reason engaged couples choose to get a one. Prenuptial agreements are a useful tool in estate planning.
Ending a marriage can be a stressful experience. Ensure your interests are protected by learning about the steps you need to take to separate and divorce, and the documents you need to create to complete the process.
Your legal rights and obligations can change depending on whether you're married, common-law, separated, divorced, widowed, or single. In this article, we'll discuss how marital status is a fundamental aspect of our identities and how it significantly shapes our lives.
Do you need to hire a lawyer? Learn about independent legal advice and how to find the right lawyer to safeguard your legal interests.
Looking for legal protection for your same or opposite-sex partnership? Domestic partnerships provide many of the same benefits as marriage in states that recognize them. Learn about the benefits, requirements, and differences between domestic partnerships and marriage.
In this guide, you'll find a list of documents, common practices, and airline-specific requirements that will make getting to your travel destination as simple and painless as possible.

Family Documents

Prenuptial AgreementUsed to document and separate the assets of two people prior to marriage.
Separation AgreementA document that helps separating couples to divide assets and debts, as well as specify child and spousal support.
Child Travel ConsentA form used by a parent or legal guardian to give permission to a child to travel alone or with another adult.
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