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Online Notary in Texas

Online Notary, also known as remote online notarization (RON), is a virtual service that lets you notarize your legal documents in Texas and anywhere else in the United States. Just like traditional notaries, an online one can verify identities and signatures, except you don’t have to travel to meet them in person. 

LawDepot’s Online Notary is a convenient, secure, and affordable way to verify a legal document’s signatures. Simply connect with a notary public by using your device’s camera and microphone, and sign electronically before the notary signs and seals the document. 

Online notarization is also known as:

  • Digital notarization
  • Virtual notarization

Yes, using Online Notary to notarize your documents is legal in Texas – and it has been since 2018. Texas was the third state to add remote online notarization as a legal notary option.

Online Notary laws in Texas

Remote online notarization is supported by Chapter 406 of the Texas Government Code, Subchapter C. According to this law, a notary public operating remotely has the same authority as a traditional notary public, except they have an additional commission and follow online notary guidelines.

Texas even recognizes online notarizations done in other states, as supported by Chapter 602 of the Texas Government Code. Additionally, the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution rules that a notarization received in one state is equally valid in another state. This means that Texans can receive valid notarizations online from notaries out of state.

The United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act recognizes digital signatures as legally valid, meaning that an electronic signature is as binding as a traditional one.

How much does Online Notary cost in Texas?

LawDepot’s Online Notary service is $25 for the first seal and $10 for any additional seals. This fee includes an acknowledgment or a jurat.

  • An acknowledgment is when the parties state their willingness to sign the document.
  • A jurat is when the parties swear or affirm the truthfulness of the document’s content.

LawDepot’s Online Notary does not offer copy certification, also known as certified copies.

According to Texas Government Code Section 406, remote online notary services can cost a maximum of $25 per seal in addition to the regular notary charges. With our flat fee of $25 for one seal and $10 for every additional seal, you don’t have to worry about any added fees or charges. Instead, you know what you’re paying for, and you can conveniently access it from the comfort of your office or home. 

What documents can be notarized online in Texas?

Online notaries can notarize many of the same documents as traditional notaries. However, each state has its own guidelines for remote online notarizations. 

Depending on what state your document is for, where you are located, and where the notary public is located, the list of documents you can get notarized online might change. Contact the courts or other appropriate local authorities to make sure you follow your state’s laws.

LawDepot’s Online Notary service can notarize the following documents for use in Texas:

For a complete list of documents that you can notarize online and more details on the online notarization process, see the LawDepot Online Notary main page.

What documents cannot be notarized online in Texas?

Documents that are considered vital or recordable documents can't be notarized online. These are documents that contain sensitive information about a person's life and can only be issued by a governmental agency. 

LawDepot’s Online Notary cannot notarize these documents:

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