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Online Notary in Indiana

Online Notary, also known as Remote Online Notarization or R.O.N., is a digital service that enables you to notarize legal documents remotely, whether in Indiana or anywhere else in the United States. LawDepot’s Online Notary offers affordability, convenience, and security for your notarization needs. To connect with a notary public from the comfort of your office or home, Online Notary uses your device’s camera and microphone.

Indiana residents can notarize the following documents with LawDepot’s Online Notary:

Yes, Online Notary is legal in Indiana. Indiana’s notary laws align with the United States Full Faith and Credit Clause, guaranteeing the validity of notarization across the states. This clause permits people to use a notary public from another state remotely, ensuring the legal validity of the notarization.

Indiana also acknowledges the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-Sign) Act, which declares electronic signatures legally valid across all states.

What laws are associated with Online Notary in Indiana?

Indiana authorized its notary publics to perform online notarizations on March 31, 2020. The law became effective under IC 33-42-17 in July of the same year.

How much does Online Notarization cost in Indiana?

LawDepot’s Online Notary charges $25 for the first seal and $10 for each additional seal. Our Online Notary service includes the costs for an acknowledgement or a jurat.

  • Acknowledgement: When the parties express their willingness to sign a document to a notary.
  • Jurat: When parties take an oath or an affirmation before the notary about the truthfulness of the document’s contents.

Avoid the costs and travel fees associated with in-person notarization with LawDepot's Online Notary.

What documents are Indiana residents unable to notarize with LawDepot’s Online Notary?

Indiana residents cannot notarize the following legal documents with LawDepot’s Online Notary:

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