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Online Notary in California

Online Notary, also known as remote online notarization (RON), is a virtual service that allows you to notarize your legal documents in California and anywhere else in the United States. 

With LawDepot’s Online Notary, you connect with a notary public and speak with them using your web device’s camera and microphone. The process is convenient, affordable, and secure.

Californians can notarize the following documents with Online Notary:

By getting your legal documents notarized, you verify the authenticity of your document’s signatures and add validity.

Yes, using Online Notary to notarize your documents in California is legal. However, California notaries aren’t authorized to perform online notarizations currently. 

Even though California notaries can’t perform them, online notarizations performed out-of-state are still legal in California and recognized by the courts. This recognition exists because the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution affirms that a notarization performed in one state is legal in all states. For this reason, out-of-state notary publics can still notarize documents online for Californians. 

The United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-Sign) Act also recognizes digital signatures as legally valid in the United States.

What are California’s online notarization laws?

California does not have laws allowing remote online notarization. That being said, bills have been introduced in the California State Legislature to pass and amend laws allowing California notaries to perform remote online notarizations.

For example, Senate Bill 696 has been passed in California’s Senate and Assembly and is waiting to be signed into law. This bill would allow California notaries to apply for a remote online notary commission. If Senate Bill 696 is passed, California notaries could begin providing online notarization services beginning January 1, 2030, at the earliest or implementing required technology updates by the California Secretary of State.

How much does notarization cost in California?

With LawDepot’s Online Notary, we charge $25 for the first seal and $10 for each additional seal. You can sign your documents in the comfort of your workplace or home in minutes instead of traveling to meet with a notary.

Our Online Notary service includes the costs for an acknowledgement or a jurat.

  • An acknowledgement is when the parties express their willingness to sign a document to a notary.
  • A jurat is when the parties make an oath or an affirmation before the notary about the truthfulness of the document’s contents. 

According to California’s 2023 Notary Public Handbook, the maximum fee a notary in California may charge for an acknowledgement or jurat is $15. However, the savings associated with in-person notarizations come with the inconvenience of traveling to meet a notary.

Documents Californians cannot notarize with LawDepot’s Online Notary

LawDepot’s Online Notary cannot provide online notarizations for the following documents in California:

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