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Online Notary in Alabama

Online Notary, also known as remote online notarization (RON), is an easy-to-use online service that lets you notarize your legal documents in Alabama and anywhere else in the United States.

Notarizing your documents adds validity to your legal documents. LawDepot’s Online Notary service is convenient, secure, and affordable. Simply connect with a remote notary public using two-way video and audio on your electronic device. 

Online notarization is also known as:

  • E-Notary
  • Digital notarization
  • Virtual notarization

Yes, it is legal for Alabama residents to use an Online Notary to get their documents notarized. This is supported by the Full Faith and Credit Clause, which says that all U.S. states must acknowledge notarial acts completed in another state.

In other words, if an Alabama resident has their document notarized online by a notary in a different state, the notarization is considered valid in Alabama.

What are Alabama's online notarization laws?

Besides the Full Faith and Credit Clause, Alabama also has its own state-specific law permitting remote notarizations. Effective July 2021, Alabama Senate Bill 275 allows notaries in Alabama to provide their services online

For notaries in Alabama, there are some specific regulations they must keep in mind: 

  • Wet ink signatures: Unlike other states, Alabama does not permit e-signatures on documents notarized in the state, even when being notarized remotely. A notary located in Alabama may witness a physical signature through a webcam or related technology, and the document must then be sent to the notary for their signature and seal. 
  • Identification regulations: The notary public must either know the person signing or ask for two valid forms of government-issued ID. If using ID, one piece of identification must include the face and signature of the signatory (like a driver’s license or passport).

What documents can be notarized online in Alabama?

Documents that Alabama residents can notarize include:

With LawDepot’s Online Notary, our notaries can provide you with the following notarial services:

  • An acknowledgment is when you declare to the notary your willingness to sign a document.
  • A jurat is when you swear or affirm in front of the notary that the contents of a document are truthful.

To learn more about LawDepot's online notarization process, visit our main Online Notary page

How much does online notarization cost in Alabama?

LawDepot’s Online Notary costs $25 for the first seal and $10 for each additional seal. As of January 2024, Alabama doesn’t have any specific legislation regulating the cost of remote online notarizations.

What documents cannot be notarized online in Alabama?

Alabama notaries are not allowed to notarize documents for a transaction in which they are a party. Additionally, they cannot notarize any documents related to any transactions in which they have a direct or financial interest. 

Additionally, you cannot notarize the following documents in Alabama using LawDepot’s Online Notary:

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