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For inquiries about the rental property, please contact _______________________ at:
Email: ______________________________
Phone: ___________________________________


Rental Property Address: _____________________________________________
Date of Availability: Immediately


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Last updated March 28, 2024

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What is a Residential Tenancy Application?

Landlords often use rental application forms to collect information from potential tenants. They use this info to evaluate who may or may not be a suitable tenant for their rental property.

You can use LawDepot’s Rental Application for various residential properties, including houses, apartments, rooms, and more.

Who can use LawDepot’s Rental Application form?

Anyone that is directly dealing with tenants can use LawDepot’s Rental Application template, including:

  • Landlords
  • Property managers
  • Property owners

Simply customise the template to suit your rental property. Then, ask prospective tenants to complete the form and return it to you for evaluation.

If desired, you can also ask tenants to attach a Cover Letter describing why they’re a good fit for the tenancy. A Cover Letter helps distinguish applicants from one another, especially when there are many qualified people applying.

What information does a Rental Application include?

To create a custom Residential Rental Application, consider including the following:

1. A description of the rental property

List the available rental property’s address and whether it’s a house, apartment, room, or another type of property.

2. Details about the tenancy

State when the rental unit is available. If the property has parking space for the tenant, give a description of it and how many spaces are accessible. 

You may also want to clarify the permitted uses of the property, such as whether or not you allow pets, smoking, or water beds.

3. Details about the Tenancy Agreement (optional)

You can set clear expectations with your tenant from the beginning by giving a few key details about the Tenancy Agreement. For instance, you can include:

  • The type of lease term available (e.g., fixed term or periodic tenancy)
  • The minimum length for a tenancy (e.g., six months)
  • The rent amount and payment dates
  • Whether you require a security deposit, and if so, its amount

4. Applicant information

If needed, you can request the applicant’s PPSN. Landlords require this number to register a new tenancy.

Other useful information includes:

  • Rental history
  • Employment details
  • Proof of income
  • Credit history (including bankruptcy)
  • Criminal background

Note that you’ll need the applicant’s consent to perform a credit or criminal history check. Without their permission, you would be violating their privacy. This is because landlords are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation and generally shouldn’t ask for more info than is needed. 

5. Your contact information

Give contact information in case the applicant has questions about their application status, the property, or the tenancy agreement. 

You can list your contact details, or you can direct the applicant to your property manager or personal representative. 

How do landlords verify income?

If you ask the applicant to provide proof of income, LawDepot’s Tenancy Application template includes a request for items such as:

  • Tax return from the previous year
  • An employer’s letter or certificate
  • Bank statements
  • Pay stubs

Who can be a personal reference in a Rental Application?

LawDepot’s Tenancy Application template does not ask for personal references. 

Instead, if you request rental or employment history, the template will ask the applicant to provide contact information for any previous/current landlords or employers. These people can properly attest to the applicant’s character and ability to pay rent. 

However, you can also ask applicants to include a Letter of Recommendation from a neighbour, flatmate, manager, or another relevant acquaintance if you wish. 

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  • Lease Notice: Give written notice to a tenant when they violate lease terms, have late payments, there’s an increase in rent, or they’re being evicted.
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Residential Tenancy Application

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