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What is a Reference List?

A Reference List, or a reference page, is a list of the people who can attest to your character, skills, and accomplishments for a job application. Provide this document to your interviewer to make it easy for them to do a reference check after your interview.

How do you write a reference page?

A reference page is a formatted list of your references and their contact information.

For each reference, be sure to include:

  • Your name and contact information (work, home, and/or cell phone number and email)
  • For professional references, include their name, contact information, job title, and workplace
  • For personal references, include the length of your relationship in addition to their name and contact information

Most employers ask for three references. If they do not specify a number, use three from your most recent and relevant positions; the standard recommendation is between two and six references.

Best practice is to include no more than two personal references and the other two to four should be professional or work references, i.e. from supervisors, managers, or co-workers.

Who should I use as a reference?

For personal references, use someone who you've known for at least one to two years and who knows you quite well. Many people tend to use parents, siblings, relatives, or close friends as personal references because there's typically a lengthy relationship history.

For professional or work references, it's best to use someone in management from positions relevant to the job you are applying for. References who are in management are often taken more seriously because they have intimate knowledge of your abilities as a worker and what it's like to manage you.

When possible, you should use a direct supervisor rather than a general manager because the direct supervisor is likely to have worked with you more often, and therefore, knows you better as an employee.

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