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__________, __________, __________

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__________, Known for 1 year

Last Updated October 13, 2023

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What is a Reference List?

A Reference List is a page that compiles the contact information of the people who can attest to your character, skills, and accomplishments.

Many employers, landlords, and other organizations require a Reference List as part of their recruitment process. 

Attach this document to your Resume or application form if needed. Or simply prepare for your interview by having a list ready to give to any interviewer that asks for one.

How do you make a Reference List?

Use LawDepot’s Reference List template to generate a correctly formatted document in minutes. We take the guesswork out of styling, sizing, and arranging your information. Simply enter your and your references’ details, including:

  • Your name, phone number, and email address
  • The name, job title, workplace, and contact details of any work references
  • The name, contact details, and relationship length of any personal references

If you want to adjust the way your Reference List looks, you can use LawDepot’s document editor to make final changes.

How long should a Reference List be?

Most job postings and application forms will specify how many references they need. But, if they don’t, it’s best practice to list between two and six professional references. For personal references, you typically only need one or two. 

Who should I use as a reference?

Professional work references typically come from direct supervisors, general managers, or co-workers. 

Direct supervisors often give the best recommendations because of how well they know their employees. For instance, they’re likely able to provide specific examples of your work performance or attitude. 

In any case, choose someone with whom you’ve worked directly and formed a good relationship.

For personal references, use someone who you've known for at least one to two years and who can speak to your character. Many people use family members, close friends, or neighbors as personal references. 

Remember to ask if someone will be your reference before you add their name to your Reference List. It’s important to give them a heads-up so that they can prepare talking points. To that end, you could also ask for a Letter of Recommendation with clear examples of your skills and accomplishments.

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