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Delivery Details

Delivery Details

This notice must be delivered at least 14 days before the payment due date.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is proof of service?A proof of service is evidence that the landlord served the document as required by legislation.

If you are not sure how to serve a notice on the tenant, you should contact the Tenancy Tribunal.
If I deliver the document myself, how do I prove that the tenant received it?If you deliver the document in person, you should ensure that an objective third party (a person who is unrelated to you and has no interest in the matter) witnesses the event, just in case the tenant later tries to deny having received the notice.

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NOTICE TO: _____________________, TENANT in possession and all others:


  1. This is a 14-day notice to remedy regarding rent arrears and is not an eviction notice.
  2. Pursuant to a written tenancy agreement dated 29 May 2024 you are obligated to pay certain rents on the premises described as: ________________________________________ (the "Premises"), of which you now hold possession. This failure to pay rent is a breach of your tenancy agreement as well as the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
  3. You are late in the payment of rents totaling $__________. This rent was due on 29 May 2024 and relates to _________________________________________________________.
  4. You are hereby required to PAY the said rents, in full, to the landlord, or its agents, by 29 May 2024 (the "Payment Date").
  5. If you fail to pay the above mentioned rent on or before the Payment Date, the landlord can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for rent arrears and for termination of the tenancy.


Issued on: ________ day of ________________, ________


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What is a Lease Notice?

A Lease Notice is a letter that landlords or property managers might send their tenants to:

  • Warn of a lease violation or late rent payment
  • Tell them their lease won’t be renewed
  • Increase the rent

Legally, landlords must give tenants fair warning to resolve a problem or prepare for a change.

Use LawDepot’s Lease Notice template to send a written reminder of tenant obligations. Simply answer a set of questions to modify the template to your needs. Then, print or download it as a PDF.

A Lease Notice is also known as:

  • Notice of termination of tenancy
  • Notice to remedy
  • Rent increase notice

Remember that a landlord cannot personally evict a tenant before the end of a fixed-term tenancy. Instead, the landlord must apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to terminate the tenancy.

Early eviction is a last resort after a tenant ignores a Lease Notice or commits a serious lease violation.

How much notice should landlords give?

Notice periods are set out in the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, and they vary depending on the reason and type of tenancy:

  • To increase rent: at least 60 days' notice, or 28 days if the tenant is in a boarding house tenancy. In a fixed-term tenancy, the Tenancy Agreement must specify whether a landlord can increase the rent.
  • To terminate the tenancy: at least 63 or 90 days’ notice if the landlord needs the space for authorised purposes (e.g., to renovate, conduct business activities, or sell the property). This applies to periodic tenancies.
  • To remedy a lease breach: at least 14 days’ notice to remedy the breach, or the landlord may pursue an eviction.

LawDepot’s Lease Notice template gives guidelines for notice periods that may apply to your situation based on your answers. 

How much can a landlord increase the rent?

Typically, landlords shouldn’t charge an amount that’s substantially higher than market rent. You can compare prices in your area to see what’s a fair amount.

Landlords may need to justify a significant increase if the Tenancy Tribunal gets involved. For example, they may charge more after making improvements to the property to raise its value, or if they need compensation after dealing with unforeseen expenses.

What if a tenant refuses to pay a rent increase?

If a tenant finds the rent increase to be unreasonable, they may apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for a reduction. In this case, the tribunal may order the landlord to lower the rent and keep it at a fixed rate for a set time.

However, if the tribunal rules the increase is fair, the tenant must pay the rent. 

How to write a Lease Notice

1. Specify the notice type

State the reason you’re giving notice and elaborate with details.

For example, if sending a rent increase notice, state the current and updated rent amount, when payments are due, and when the increase takes effect.

If sending a warning about overdue rent or a lease violation, describe how and when the tenant should remedy the problem.

If sending a notice of termination, state the day the tenancy will end.

2. Give details about the property and lease agreement

Include the property address and the original signing date of the Lease Agreement. These details are useful when checking whether the usual rent increase period has passed.

3. Include landlord and tenant details

Add the tenant’s name, as well as the name, address, and phone number of the landlord.

4. Consider the delivery method

Consider getting evidence once you deliver the Lease Notice. This helps prove that the other party received your letter within the appropriate timeframe.

For example, if you deliver the letter in person, get a neutral third party to witness the event. 

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