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Alberta Incorporation from $99

We regularly maintain the Alberta Incorporation software. Last Modified: October 2015
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Corporate Name

We will do a NUANS® (Name Updated Automated Name Search) as part of your incorporation package. If you only want a NUANS search without an incorporation, try our Corporate Name Search.

In the event that your corporate name is unavailable, we will register your alternate corporate name instead.

Typically, your corporation's name must have a distinctive first word(s) then descriptive second word(s) then a corporate suffix. The first word(s) must be distinictive and non-descriptive and may includes a person's name, initials, or geographic location such as Joseph Smith, E.J. Smith, North Vancouver, Sunstray, Dreamheart, etc.. Words that refer to the quality of goods or services are not usually considered distinctive. The descriptive second word or phrase are words that describe the type of business or activity the corporation will be doing such as construction, gardening, investments, holdings, accounting services, innovations, enterprises, etc. You may NOT use the name "society" in a corporate name.

Business Number and Account Registration

We are able to register your corporation for a business number (and a corporate tax account) immediately after your incorporation is filed. We can also register your corporation for GST/HST and/or Payroll accounts.
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