Incorporation Checklist

This checklist is provided at no extra charge to you. While we believe the checklist was correct and accurate when created, laws do change over time and the various government departments may have changed their fees and other requirements. You should always confirm with the government Corporations department in your jurisdiction or qualified legal counsel to ensure that you have completed all the necessary steps to be able to properly incorporate your Corporation.

State Requirement Checklist:

Note: In addition to the forms listed, you will also be required to file an annual or biannual report. Upon incorporation, you should receive an information package from your secretary of state; if you do not, you should contact them to inquire about ongoing periodic filings.

You may wish to apply for a corporate name reservation prior to submitting your Articles of Incorporation to ensure that the application goes smoothly and that your Articles of Incorporation are not rejected because of a naming issue.

Virginia Checklist:
  • Articles of Incorporation
    • Original signed articles.
  • Make check payable to the State Corporation Commission.