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Legal Documents
Commercial Lease Agreement Template (US) [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Commercial Lease Agreement creates a commercial tenancy between a landlord and business tenant.
Partnership Amendment Form (US) [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Partnership Amendment is used to change terms in an existing Partnership Agreement.
Lease Amendment Form [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Lease Amendment is used to make changes to an existing lease (e.g. changing the permitted use of property or term length). The original lease remains in effect, but with the amendments.
Equipment Rental Agreement [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
An Equipment Lease Agreement is used when an owner (lessor) rents out equipment (machinery, electronics etc.) to another person (lessee) for a specific time period.
Residential Lease Agreement [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Residential Lease Agreement outlines the terms of a residential tenancy between a landlord and tenant.
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