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Legal Documents
Vehicle Lease Agreement Template (US) [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Vehicle Leasing Agreement is used when an owner (lessor) rents a vehicle to another person (lessee) for a fixed term period.
Sublease Agreement [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Residential Sublease Agreement is used when the tenant transfers property rights over to a third party, known as a subtenant, for the remainder of the residential lease term.
Lease Assignment Form [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Lease Assignment Agreement is used when a tenant wishes to transfer the entire interest that they have in the property to a third party. The third party assumes the rights and responsibilities of the original lease.
Joint Venture Agreement [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
A Joint Venture Agreement is a contract used to set up a business arrangement between two or more parties who agree to combine resources for a limited time to accomplish a particular project or goal.
Software License Agreement [USA Contracts] [USA Full Site]
An End User License Agreement (EULA), also known as a Software Agreement, is a contract between a licensor and user and outlines the software rights of the user.
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