An Employee Warning Letter is a disciplinary tool to correct a behavior or performance problem with an employee. The letter should describe the problem specifically, describe an expected improvement and also outline the consequences that may occur if there is inadequate improvement. The letter should describe any other previous infractions and should clearly define a future review date.
What does 'Misrepresentation of Qualifications' mean?

In some cases an employee may over-state or exaggerate their qualifications in order to get a job. This practice is clearly unfair to the employer who is attempting to hire the best qualified candidates.

When would you use a Employee Warning Letter?

An Employee Warning Letter is used as a disciplinary tool to help correct unacceptable employee behavior or to help correct an employee performance issue. Where an employee is ultimately fired, a series of Employee Warning Letters does not guarantee a bullet-proof case for termination. The Employee Warning Letters should show that a problem was clearly explained to the affected employee and that the employee had a fair and reasonable opportunity to correct any unacceptable behaviors. In cases that affect safety or security, and where there is potential for significant lawsuits, an Employee Warning Letter can show that a company took corrective action to resolve any employee-related issues.

Signatures and signing
What if the Employee refuses to sign?

If the employee refuses to sign, ensure that the employee fully understands the process. The employee's signature is not an admission of guilt, it is simply an acknowledgement of receipt of the warning letter. If the employee still refuses to sign then simply have a witness acknowledge that the employee received the written warning letter.

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