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How effective are off-the-record agreements compared to NDAs when protecting sensitive information? Find out in this post.
Before you start a new job, learn about how you should review your Employment Contract. In this article, we discuss ten essential things you should check before you sign on the dotted line.
Discover the best states for employers based on the various state laws that govern things like minimum wage, overtime, and paid sick leave.
Protecting confidential information and data is an essential practice for businesses. There are various ways that businesses can protect such information, including adding confidentiality clauses in job contracts, using NDAs, and more. In this article, we discuss four ways companies can mitigate privacy risks.
Curious whether verbal contacts are legally binding? In this article, we'll explore the validity, limitations, and risks of verbal agreements.
Like any hired service, it's best to compare legal services before settling on one. Here are 10 factors that should influence your decision.
Wondering what the difference between a notary and a witness is? Learn about the roles notaries and witnesses play when executing a document.
Employees and independent contractors both come with their own pros and cons from a hiring perspective. Find out the key differences in this article to determine which will better suit your business needs.
Protect your interests and ensure you are properly compensated. Our documents are for anyone providing services, from babysitters and freelancers, to contractors and consultants.
Intellectual property law doesn't need to be overwhelming. Here's a walkthrough of the different types of intellectual property and the documents you can use to protect and defend your ideas from intellectual property infringement.
In this guide, we break down buyer and seller liabilities, consumer laws, and the most important documents to include in any successful transaction.
Business owners, managers, and human resource specialists may all find themselves having to dismiss an employee who isn't working out. This situation calls for clear communication and knowledge of the potential issues that can arise.
Adding a team member is a crucial step to scaling your business. It allows you to stay focused on running your company, while delegating day-to-day responsibilities to a worker. From assessing your employment needs to signing an Employment Contract, here are the steps involved with employing an individual.
Know the features of a fair Non-Compete Agreement in your state before you sign. Here's how to recognize whether a Non-Compete is reasonable & enforceable.
Ready to start your own business? Here's everything you need to know and all the documents you'll need to legally launch your own company and hit the ground running.
A conflict of interest in the workplace is when one's personal loyalties clash with their job's duties. Here are some common examples and how to fix them.
Discover if a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation is best for your rental properties, and how to best protect your assets.
There are some questions that employers legally cannot ask an employee or job applicant. Here are some inappropriate actions to watch out for during the hiring process.
Your time is valuable. Learn how outsourcing work can increase your company’s productivity AND profits.
Many businesses operate using trade names instead of their legal ones. Trade names are also known as Doing Business As (DBA) names. In this article, we'll discuss the differences between the two types of names and outline where each applies.
Want to initiate or resolve a legal matter without going to court or hiring a lawyer? Send a legal letter to get the job done yourself. Here's how to figure out which kind of letter you need.
What labor laws apply to employee leave entitlements in 2024? Learn how governments and employers help people achieve a healthy work/life balance.
This guide provides helpful tips for creating a job application that gives you the best chance at landing any position you set your sights on.
Although shareholders and directors can work closely together, there are some important distinctions between the two roles. Here's a look at the difference between shareholders and directors.
Keep your human resource operations running efficiently. These essential, customizable human resources documents will help you hire, employ and terminate employees with ease.
Here's everything you need to know about managing your corporation and the many documents you will need along the way.
This clause can be a useful defense against lawsuits for breach of contract. Learn what this clause means and how to use it.
You might lose more than just your job if you get caught lying on your resume. Here are the legal consequences of lying on your resume.

Business Documents

Partnership AgreementA document that outlines the responsibilities and obligations of partners in a partnership.
Business PlanA document that covers the management, marketing, and financial goals of a business.
Confidentiality AgreementUsed to prevent sensitive information from being shared with third-parties.
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