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Eligibility Requirements for United States Citizenship

Citizen Application Form Instructions:

  1. Read the Eligibility Requirements or fill out the Eligibility Quiz to determine if you qualify for American Citizenship.
  2. If you qualify, click on the Yes button and fill out the Citizen Application form.
  3. You will need to provide personal information such as your:
    • Permanent Resident Card/Green Card Number;
    • Social Security Number;
    • Work or school history; and
    • Marriage details.
  4. After fully completing the Citizen Application form you will be able to determine what the processing fee is for filing and any additional documentation you will be required to provide.
  5. Once the form is completed, mail your application to USCIS with a check or money order for the application fee and fingerprinting fee (if applicable).

Eligibility Requirements

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Eligibility Quiz

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