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__________, 2023


To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from __________ as of __________, 2023.

I have appreciated my time here but have chosen to resign to pursue new career opportunities. My last day will be __________, 2023.

Thank you for your help and guidance during my employment with __________. I wish you and the company much success in the future. If I can do anything to help during this transition, please let me know.



Resignation Letter

Alternate Names:

A Resignation Letter is also known as a/an:

  • Letter of Resignation
  • Notice of Resignation
  • Notice Letter
  • Resignation Notice
  • Two Weeks' Notice Letter

What is a Resignation Letter?

A Resignation Letter is a short letter that an employee uses to give notice to their boss or supervisor to inform them that they are leaving their job.

The letter will include your (the employee's) last day of employment (usually two weeks after you serve your employer notice depending on your Employment Contract) and other terms of your resignation.

Why do I need to give written notice?

A Resignation Letter is often required when giving formal notice to an employer to inform them that you are leaving the company. It's often stipulated in an Employment Contract because it provides a written record that you chose to leave your job, and that can affect things like employment insurance.

Usually two weeks' notice is the standard notice period, but it can be longer depending on the termination clauses in your contract.

Aside from being a requirement, giving notice to your boss is important because it can also help ease the transition of your departure, which gives everyone (your boss, co-workers, and new trainees) time to get everything in order before you're gone. This can help ensure you leave on good terms with your boss so they'll give you a good reference.

It should also be noted that in many cases, a verbal statement of resignation doesn't suffice as formal notice, and sometimes this could constitute a breach of contract if a written notice is required by your Employment Contract.

What do you write in a Resignation Letter?

A Resignation Letter doesn't need to be long or detailed, you simply need to state the facts.

You should typically include the following in your two weeks' notice letter:

  • Your contact information
  • Your boss's contact information
  • Your resignation date (the date when you're planning on handing your employer the notice letter)
  • Reason for resigning (can be as simple as "I have chosen to pursue other opportunities")
  • Notice period or last day of work (usually two weeks from the day you deliver the letter)
  • A closing salutation followed by your name and signature

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