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Marriage Forms

  • Prenuptial Agreement
    Prenuptial Agreement
    A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract used by two people who are about to marry and wish to sort out current and future financial and property matters prior to marriage.
  • Child Medical Consent
    Child Medical Consent
    A Child Medical Consent is used when parents or guardians of a child (or children) want to authorise another person (or people) to consent to medical treatment for the child(ren). It is ideal for use when a child is being cared for by a babysitter, grandparents, other relatives, or other temporary guardians. With this authorisation, the caregiver will be able to access medical care without delay, especially in emergency situations.

Cohabitation Forms

  • Cohabitation Agreement
    Cohabitation Agreement
    A Cohabitation Agreement is used by couples who are not legally married, but want to live together in a shared residence. It addresses property, debts, and other details in order to protect each individual's interests in the event the relationship comes to an end.
  • Common Law Partner Agreement
    Common Law Partner Agreement
    A Common Law Partner Agreement is used by couples who live together but are not legally married. It outlines shared and separate property and debts, as well as other details to protect the interests of each individual should the relationship come to an end.

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