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Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

  • Confidentiality Agreement
    Confidentiality Agreement
    A Confidentiality Agreement is used to protect sensitive information shared between two parties by prohibiting the disclosure of this information to an outside source.
  • Cease & Desist Letter
    Cease & Desist Letter
    A Cease and Desist Letter is used to order another individual or company to stop an action or behavior, such as copyright violation or debt collection, and to refrain from doing it in the future.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
    Non-Disclosure Agreement
    A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a contract used to maintain privacy in agreements where sensitive information is exchanged between two parties.

Protecting your Business

Forms for protecting your business, absolving future liabilities, and offering guarantees.
  • Indemnity Agreement
    Indemnity Agreement
    A Hold Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement is used to protect one or more individuals by limiting liability, losses, or damages that may result from their participation in an activity.
  • Activity Waiver Form
    Activity Waiver Form
    An Activity or Sports Waiver releases the party providing the activity from liability claims from participants. Protect your company & create your waiver now.

Employment Forms

  • Employment Contract
    Employment Contract
    An Employment Contract establishes the rights, expectations, and obligations of an employer and employee in a working relationship. It includes the details of employment, such as remuneration, work hours, job duties, sick pay, and more.

Partnership and Joint Venture Forms

  • Transfer of Partnership Interest
    Transfer of Partnership Interest
    A Transfer of Partnership Interest Agreement transfers partnership interest from one party to another to the extent permitted by the Partnership Agreement.
  • Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership
    Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership
    A Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership can be used when a partner is withdrawing from a partnership for voluntary or involuntary reasons.

Service Contracts and Templates

  • Service Agreement
    Service Agreement
    A Service Agreement outlines the terms of a given service between a service provider and customer.
  • Building Contract
    Building Contract
    A Service Agreement outlines the terms of a given service between a service provider and customer.
  • Catering Contract
    Catering Contract
    A Catering Contract is a service agreement used when catering services are provided by a caterer to a customer. The agreement covers compensation and event details.
  • Cleaning Services Agreement
    Cleaning Services Agreement
    A Cleaning Services Agreement spells out the terms and conditions of cleaning services offered by a cleaning company to a customer.
  • Computer Services Agreement
    Computer Services Agreement
    A Computer Service Agreement is a written contract used when a provider is offering computer-based services to a customer, such as repairs, updates, or installations.
  • Consulting Agreement
    Consulting Agreement
    A Consulting Agreement is a contract involving a consultant and a client, where the consultant offers their services to the client in exchange for compensation.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
    Independent Contractor Agreement
    An Independent Contractor Agreement outlines the terms of a project, commitment, or job (e.g. build a fence) that an independent contractor (e.g. carpenter) is hired by a client to complete.

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