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________ day of ________________, ________


Attn: Customer Service

Re: Product Purchased

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please give my concerns in this complaint letter your immediate attention.

On July 22, 2024, I purchased the following item(s): _________________________ (the "Purchase"). I have the following complaint/concerns regarding the Purchase: _________________________.

In order to adequately resolve my concerns, I require that you reimburse me for the full amount I paid for the Purchase. I may be contacted or reached in writing at my above address.

Thank you for taking the time to resolve my concerns in a prompt manner. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.



Last Updated October 12, 2023

Complaint Letter Information

Alternate Names:

A Complaint Letter is also known as a:

  • Formal Complaint Letter
  • Business Complaint Letter
  • Complaint Letter for Poor Service
  • Complaint Form

What is a Complaint Letter?

A Complaint Letter is usually written to a business (although it can be an individual as well) to address a problem and request action to solve it when other methods of communication (e.g. talking to customer service) fail to resolve the situation.

What can I use a Complaint Letter for?

A Complaint Letter is generally sent with the aim to get a problem resolved. A Complaint Letter can be used for situations such as:

  • A problem with a product you purchased, like the product being defective or otherwise not working as expected
  • A problem with services rendered, like if a cleaning service that you paid for was unsatisfactory
  • A problem with billing, like if you were incorrectly billed for internet or phone service

How do I write a Complaint Letter?

Your Complaint Letter should be clear, concise, and state the exact resolution you would like (within reason), as well as give a timeframe for when you expect a response. You should avoid using threatening or foul language in your letter.

You may also include copies of relevant documents with your letter, such as receipts, previous email or written correspondence, and/or ticket numbers (usually given by customer service or technical support representatives to track customer issues).

How do I address my Complaint Letter?

If you're writing a Complaint Letter to a business or corporation that you don't have a direct contact for, you'll need to obtain a mailing address or email address to send your letter to.

Most companies list general mailing addresses on their website, and/or list contact information for people that hold higher positions in the company, like management and executives. You can make use of this information to decide who is the most appropriate person or department to send your letter to.

For instance, if your complaint is regarding a phone conversation you had with a customer service representative who you feel behaved inappropriately towards you, the most appropriate person to direct your Complaint Letter to would likely be the customer service manager.

If your complaint is about a defective product that you've been unable to get replaced or repaired, you may want to address the product or service manager, or an equivalent position.

Essentially, the closer you are able to pinpoint the person that is most likely to help solve your issue, the greater the chance your Complaint Letter will lead to a timely, successful resolution.

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  • Demand Letter: A Demand Letter is sent to request a payment or action, such as payment for a service or job performed or to request that work be redone or finished.
  • Employee Warning Letter: An Employee Warning Letter is written to document an employee's breach of company policy.
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