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Commercial Lease Termination Notice

Notice of Termination Details

Notice of Termination Details

e.g. quarterly

State law requires that the Landlord provide at least 60 days notice that the Lease will end on the 30th day of September, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions
Difference between fixed term tenancy and periodic tenancy?A Fixed Term Tenancy is a lease for a fixed number of weeks/months/years which has a start date for the lease and a specific end date.

A Periodic Tenancy is a weekly/monthly/yearly lease with automatic renewal and will continue so long as neither party wishes to terminate the lease. The most common type is the month-to-month tenancy because most rent is paid on a monthly basis.

In most jurisdictions, once a fixed term tenancy ends and if neither party objects, the lease will become a periodic tenancy.

Your Commercial Lease Termination Notice

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NOTICE TO: _____________________, TENANT in possession and all others:

Address of Premises: ________________________________________


  1. Pursuant to a written lease (the "Lease") dated September 24, 2020, you are a tenant for the premises described as: ________________________________________ (the "Premises"), of which you now hold possession.
  2. Your Lease creates a monthly tenancy.
  3. Your Lease or the applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia requires that you be given at least _________________ advance notice prior to the termination of your Lease or tenancy. This Notice of Termination serves as notification of the Landlord's intention to terminate your Lease.
  4. Pursuant to your Lease and the applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, you are hereby given notice that the Landlord is exercising its right to terminate your Lease effective as of 12 noon on the 24th day of September, 2020 and you are required to vacate the Premises on or before 12 noon on this date.
  5. All terms and obligations in the Lease, including, but not limited to, the obligation to pay rent, remain in effect until the latter of the 24th day of September, 2020 and when you have returned possession of the Premises to the Landlord or its agent.

Issued on: 24th day of September, 2020


Landlord's Name: ________________

Contact Address

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I, the undersigned, AFFIRM AND DECLARE under penalty of perjury that:

  1. I am at least 18 years of age.
  2. I served a true copy of this Notice of Termination, on _____________________ (the "Tenant") as follows:
[   ] On _______________ ____, 20___  I personally handed this Notice of Termination to _____________________, the tenant.

[   ] On _______________ ____, 20___  I personally handed this Notice of Termination to ___________________, one of the tenant's agents.

[   ] On _______________ ____, 20___  I sent by   [    ] first class   [   ] certified   [   ] registered  mail a true copy of this Notice of Termination to the tenant's address for service provided in the lease. Certified/Registered item # _________________________.

[   ] On _________________________________________________________________________



COUNTY OF ____________________

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME, on the 24th day of September, 2020

Signature _____________________________ (Seal)
My Commission expires: ______________________





Commercial Lease Notices Information

Alternate Names:

A Commercial Lease Notice is also known as a:

  • Commercial Eviction Notice
  • Commercial Lease Termination Letter
  • Commercial Lease Termination Notice
  • Termination of Business Lease
  • Commercial Lease Warning Notice

What are Commercial Lease Notices?

Landlords or property managers occasionally need to present notices to their tenants regarding unpaid or overdue rent, lease violations, rent increases, and more. It is advisable to send a written notice to your tenant in order to properly document the dispute and inform your tenant of the situation and what the next steps will be.

LawDepot's Commercial Lease Notices are customized for commercial rental properties. If you are a landlord or property manager of a residential rental property, use LawDepot's residential Eviction and Lease Notices instead.

What is a Commercial Eviction Notice?

A Commercial Eviction Notice, also known as a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit, is a letter demanding payment of rent that a landlord or property manager serves to a tenant. The notice usually includes:

  • The date the Commercial Lease started
  • The amount of unpaid rent that is owed to the landlord or property manager
  • How much time the tenant has to pay the full unpaid rent amount (the notice period)
  • A clause stating that if rent continues to go unpaid the tenant must vacate the premises by a certain date

The landlord or property manager may also choose to utilize a proof of service form to ensure that the eviction notice is delivered to the tenant properly, and that there is evidence that the tenant received the notice.

What is a Commercial Lease Warning Notice?

A Commercial Lease Warning Notice is sent to a tenant to inform them of a lease violation. The tenant can then choose to take action so they are no longer in violation of their lease terms.

For example, if the Commercial Lease states that the tenant needs to maintain common areas and the tenant fails to do so, the landlord may choose to send a warning notice letting the tenant know. This would allow the tenant to get up-to-date on their maintenance duties so they are no longer in violation of their lease.

Another example of a lease violation could be if the lease mentions rules regarding loud noise during business hours, and the tenant decides to play loud music during those times. This is another instance where the landlord could issue a warning to the tenant, especially if another tenant in the building or complex complains about the noise.

The tenant responsible for the excessive noise could then negotiate a solution with the landlord, whether it be adjusting the tenant's business hours or installing soundproofing materials in the suite.

What is a Commercial Lease Termination Notice?

A Commercial Lease Termination Notice informs the tenant of a commercial property that their lease will not be renewed. There could be a number of reasons why a property manager or landlord would choose to not renew the lease, including:

  • The periodic tenancy is ending (a periodic tenancy automatically renews when the lease ends, unless the landlord or tenant choose to end the lease permanently)
  • The fixed term tenancy is ending (a fixed term tenancy is when a lease has a set start and end date, and does not renew when the lease is finished)
  • The landlord is selling the commercial property
  • The landlord is planning to rent the commercial property to another tenant instead
  • Can a Commercial Lease be terminated early?

    A Commercial Lease can usually be terminated early, but what happens after depends on the clauses listed in the lease itself and the laws of the state or local jurisdiction.

    Most commercial leases contain early termination clauses in favor of the landlord or property manager. For instance, if the tenant fails to pay rent for a period of time, the landlord may have the ability to terminate the lease.

    In other cases, the landlord and tenant may come to an agreement to end the Commercial Lease early. Again, the Commercial Lease should include terms and conditions under which an early lease termination would be allowed.

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