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Winterizing Your Rental Property A Guide For Landlords

Winterizing Your Rental Property: A Guide for Landlords [Infographic]

As a landlord, it's up to you to make sure that your rental property is ready to face the winter months. This infographic can help you to figure out what you need to do to make sure that you and...

/ November 2, 2016

24 Must-Reads for the First-Time Landlord

We’ve compiled a collection of the best blog posts to help you through any stage of being a landlord—from purchasing an investment property to managing tenants.

/ December 22, 2015

10 Signs You Should Update Your Lease

How often should a landlord update the terms of their lease? Whether you have recently remodeled a unit or wish to adjust the lease length, here are 10 situations when you should review your rental contract.

/ May 12, 2015

The Real Cost of Renting: How Much Can You Afford?

The price of rent is only one of many costs you need to factor into your budget when choosing a property to rent. Here is a list of additional expenses to think about before you decide to move in.

/ April 7, 2015
Should I Hire a Property Manager?

Should I Hire a Property Manager?

Managing an investment property can be a big undertaking, especially if you are already strapped for time. Good property managers know how to handle tenants, maintenance, repairs, and more. Find out if a property manager is a good choice for...

/ January 29, 2015
What Do Tenants Want in a Rental Property

What Do Tenants Want in a Rental Property?

What do tenants look for in rental property? While each renter has unique needs and wants, here are some ways to make your investment more appealing to and enjoyable for a potential tenant.

/ January 6, 2015