We’re almost two months into the New Year and in this short time, many businesses, employers, landlords, homeowners, and all other taxpayers have developed plans for the year ahead, and set about organizing their paperwork to assemble their tax returns before the annual deadline.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tax resources to help you prepare your returns, and ensure you have the best information to guide you through the 2015 tax season.


Small Business

The dates every business owner needs to know for 2015 by Nellie Akalp – Mashable

It’s important to know the tax deadlines for your business in order to give yourself enough time to prepare your returns. Here is a complete breakdown of all the filing dates for small business owners, and self-employed entrepreneurs, including both tax deadlines and annual report deadlines.


Got a side hustle? Here’s how to pay your taxes by Lindsay Van Thoen – Freelancers Union

The Freelancers Union is a great resource for all things freelance. This particular article addresses common questions freelancers ask about their returns, including, “How much will I get taxed?” and “When do I have to pay?” Also, a complete list of freelancer tax deductions.

Valuable advice for freelancers who are learning how to manage their finances, encouraging them to keep organized records and learn how tax liability and deductions apply to the self-employed.


What are Payroll Taxes? by Mike Kappel – Patriot Software

This blog post discusses the different types of payroll taxes, and what employers are required to deduct from an employee’s paycheck. Also, an overview of employee deductions.


How to File Taxes for Your Deceased Relative by Stephanie Faris – GOBankingRates

Whether you are the executor of a deceased relative’s estate, or simply tasked with handling your loved one’s last income tax return, this article provides a breakdown for how to approach the responsibility.

Real Estate


Getting A Grip on Tax Deductions | 8 Tips for New Homeowners by Grace Keister – First Team Real Estate

First Team Real Estate gives a great overview on the types of deductions you can make as a homeowner, including mortgage interest, home office deductions, and more.

Personal Finance

Should I Hire an Accountant to Do My Tax Return? by Finance QA

Questions you can ask yourself when choosing whether or not to hire an accountant, including if you own a business, or if you have recently bought or sold property, as these situations may directly affect your decision.

Taxes and Your Identity: How to File One and Protect the Other by Hayley Bierkle – Quizzle

Identity theft has been linked to taxes for quite some time because of the amount of personal information that is included in a tax return. This article offers some practical tips for filing your taxes safely online or by snail mail.

Family Finance

Is filing taxes jointly a good idea? by Kay Bell – Bankrate

When married, should you file separate or joint tax returns? In some instances, there may be times when filing separately could be warranted.

Four Tax Tips for Newlyweds by Eva Rosenberg – Equifax

Recently married? This blog supplies some tips for newlyweds who are wondering how to navigate their first year as a couple and how they should approach tax time together.

Do you have any other helpful tax resources to add?

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