Tax Deductions for Your Rental Property

Tax Deductions for Your Rental Property

To make sure you are taxed on the lowest amount of rental income, here is a list of eligible deductions for a real estate rental.

/ March 20, 2014

Your Guide to Signing Legal Contracts

As the universal symbol for proof of agreement, it's important you know why, when and how to sign your name, as well as who should sign where.

/ March 18, 2014

3 Documents Every Parent Needs When Traveling With Children

When traveling with children, there are three documents you need to help you reach your destination without a hitch.

/ March 13, 2014
What Do Successful Business Partnerships Have in Common?

What Do Successful Business Partnerships Have in Common?

Throughout history, the right mix of chemistry and cooperation has led to some true inspiring partnerships. Here are the common characteristics of successful business partnerships who left their mark on corporate America.

/ March 11, 2014

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring an Independent Contractor

When we can't do a job ourselves, we hire professionals to help us. Learn some helpful dos and don'ts when hiring an independent contractor.

/ March 6, 2014
9 Money-Saving Tips for the DIY Landlord

9 Money-Saving Remodel Tips for the DIY Landlord

During your time as a real estate owner, you will eventually need to do renovations to your property. These tips will help make your do-it-yourself remodeling process as painless as possible -- and save you money while doing it.

/ March 4, 2014