October has always been a month of many different changes; the temperature drops and the anticipation of the holidays starts to seep in as most people prepare for winter.

In real estate, homeowners and landlords are wrapping up renovations, winterizing their properties, and bringing out their autumn decorations. Realtors are sealing deals and looking to wind down as the market slows.

Small businesses also prepare for the coming months by planning holiday campaigns, as well as hiring extra staff to accommodate for the seasonal rush period.

During fall, most people are also watching their finances, budgeting, and preparing for year-end shopping.

We’ve seen some great content about these seasonal topics and much more. To give you the best information about the season, we’ve compiled a list of the top resources in real estate, business, and finance industries to give you an all-in-one look at some of this month’s trends, news, and stories.


For Startups:

The Startup Marketing Handbook (Actionable Strategies for Rapid Startup Growth) by Thomas Oppong

Your ultimate guide to marketing yourself as a startup business, where Thomas Oppong suggests that differentiation, purpose, exceptional content, teamwork, and more are the pillars to a successful marketing initiative.

For Small Businesses:

6 Things You Must Address With Your Small Business Website by Melinda Emerson

Melinda Emerson outlines the 6 qualities you should consider when creating and maintaining a website for you small business.

For Freelancers:

5 Ways to Survive the Changing Freelance Landscape by BusinessNewsDaily

In BusinessNewsDaily, Nicole Fallon discusses the upward trend of professional freelancing and how to succeed in the online work environment.

For Employers:

5 Common Workplace Lawsuits and How to Avoid Them by Bplans

Bplans’ article, written by attorney Steve Cook, goes over the 5 most common legal conundrums in a workplace, including personal injury lawsuits, overtime, discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination.

The W-2 Form: What You Need to Know by Patriot Software

Your guide to understanding a W-2 form, encompassing when it’s needed, deadlines for filing, and what it includes. Written by Mike Kappel of Patriot Software.



17 Ways to Make Your Budget Better—Starting Today by ReadyForZero

Claire from ReadyForZero covers budgeting in a 17 tip post on how to develop smart finance strategies for saving.

Simple Tips to Save Money at Halloween by Money Crashers

From décor and costumes, to food and trick-or-treating, Money Crashers’ contributor Jacqueline Curtis offers plenty of simple alternatives for making this year’s Halloween a fun, yet frugal holiday.

Financial Planning/Retirement:

6 Financial Planning Mistakes to Avoid by A Place for Mom

When planning for retirement, information can be your greatest asset. Jeff Anderson from A Place for Mom cautions against these 6 common financial mistakes.


How to Get a Loan When You Have Bad Credit by BadCredit.org

Learn your options for getting a loan despite bad credit, with this informative how-to post by Steven Tumulski of BadCredit.org.

Real Estate


What Happens When a Tenant Breaks a Lease? by Places4Students

Places4Students covers the repercussions of ending a lease agreement, and what, if any, options you might have for terminating a tenancy.

Fun Real Estate Facts:

11 Amazing Real Estate Facts to Entertain Your Brain by Seth Williams

A fun and informative read, Seth Williams provides 11 interesting facts about real estate, ranging from how brass doorknobs disinfect themselves, to Warren Buffet still residing in the same home he bought in 1958.

Home Inspections:

Top 10 “Common” Home Inspection Findings by Keith and Kyle Hiscock

Keith and Kyle Hiscock discuss the most common problems inspectors find when inspecting a home, including improper wiring, plumbing, heating systems, and more.

Home Buying:

20 Cold Hard Facts in Real Estate Home Buying by Lynn Pineda

The follow up to her 20 cold hard facts about home selling, Lynn Pineda does a great rundown of 20 honest facts about the process of home buying, including how you should get pre-approved.

Home Selling:

How to Avoid Seller’s Remorse When Selling Your Home by Debbie Drummond

Debbie Drummond’s post on avoiding seller’s remorse is a must-read for those who are considering putting their home on the market, with advice such as to dazzle buyers, price it right, and hire a great agent.

Preparing for Halloween:

How to Prepare Your Home for Trick-or-Treaters by Ferris Property Group

Todd Ferris of Ferris Property Group writes a fun and seasonal post on preparing your home for trick-or-treaters, with practical tips for making sure Halloween night is not only fun, but safe for everyone involved.

Home Insurance:

Understanding Homeowners Insurance by NerdWallet

Alex Glenn of NerdWallet discusses the important topic of homeowners insurance and why you need it to protect yourself from hazards and liability.

Home Savings:

Energy Saving Tips for Winter by Bill Gassett

For homeowners, winter is usually the time of year when utility bills reach their highest. Bill Gassett explores many ways to cut down on utility bills, preserve energy, and keep your home safe.

Family and Estate

Estate Planning:

6 Estate Planning Moves You Should Make in Your 30s by DailyFinance

It’s never too early to get your estate in order, but in your 30s it becomes imperative. Michele Lerner, of Daily Finance, discusses 6 moves you can make to protect your family and assets.


Gay Marriage is Legal in 32 US states – but what about the other 18? by The Guardian

16 US states have legalized gay marriage in 2014 so far, with the most recent additions being Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming in October alone.

This article by Amanda Holpuch of the Guardian explores the remaining 18 states and where each currently stands on the issue.


Flu Prevention Tips For Older Adults by Sunrise Senior Living

Between 50-60% of flu-related hospitalizations are adults older than 65. Megan Ray of Sunrise Senior Living offers tips for fighting the flu this season, including getting a flu shot, staying healthy, and seeking treatment immediately if flu symptoms appear.

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