Most entrepreneurs start out with a common goal—to have the freedom to choose what direction their professional lives will take and to have a healthy and happy work-to-life balance. But entrepreneurship brings many more benefits to the table than just giving you free rein.

To celebrate Small Business Week, we’ve asked small business owners from a variety of industries and backgrounds what they love the most about what they do. Take a look below to see how owning your own business can be a positive and diverse experience.

What Small Business Owners Have to Say

Daryll Tan, OpenMinds Resources

Owning a business and being a reputable entrepreneur is a high calling. One that requires ruthless tenacity, grit, perseverance and resilience. It’s a blessing to be part of something bigger than yourself; offering jobs and guiding generations to a better future; being at the forefront and being the thought leader. I’m in love with this vision. Coupled with passion, it’s no more a chore but a chance to make history. End of the day, it’s always a people business, that’s what drives me/us and makes it more fulfilling.

Jeremy Biberdorf, Modest Money

Since I run my business out of my home, my favourite part is being able to spend extra time with my beautiful wife, our amazing newborn daughter and our pets. Granted it did take a ton of long hours and sacrifice to get to the point where I actually have the free time to enjoy with my family. Now that I have this freedom I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Linda and Vera, workhoppers

As founders of we do not just live the entrepreneurship experience; we promote it as a way of life. Workhoppers empowers professionals by providing them with a free tool to facilitate independence and develop their own business by promoting their most precious asset, their skills.

The nice thing about being an entrepreneur is that it offers flexibility. It is not about working less but rather working really hard, on your terms. As an entrepreneur, you own your success when it happens and you learn to forgive yourself when you make mistakes.


Being a part of our community.  Building a business that is staffed with people who reflect our values and take those out to our customers every single day.  It’s a challenge to balance hiring, performance and values but we found when our team is filled with honest, high-integrity individuals their attitude was infectious.

Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation

My favourite part about entrepreneurship is the excitement and flexibility it brings. Entrepreneurship is so much fun. It keeps me on my toes at every minute of the day. But the best part is truly that my day is my own. I feel like I am the master of my own destiny and I love that!

Maggie DeGennaro, Real Estate Agent

Why I love being an entrepreneur so much!

After 35 of years of someone telling me when I need to be at work, leave work what time I can eat lunch or have a break, I now have the freedom to make those decisions myself.  One of the major benefits for me, being an entrepreneur, is the ability to be able to pick and choose who I do business with. I surround myself with like-minded people.  I enjoy the fact that I will determine my success.

Mason Gilmour, Surfgym

The adrenaline rush of giving something one more try when the obstacles seem overwhelming and having it come to fruition.

The Bookkeeping Redhead

I love the freedom of being able to work when and where I want. Our bookkeeping and administrative practice (The Savvy Redhead) is completely paperless so while I typically work from my office it also means that I can take my dog to the park middle of the day. While he is having fun wrestling with his friends I can make sure my clients bank account has been accurately reconciled via an app on my phone.

Doug Peters, Symbiotic Design

I get to remain true to myself and be honest, not sell a company line. I am playing in Photoshop, Illustrator, I get to exercise my creativity. I love it. I just manage to get paid for it when I have the business. That’s pretty cool.

I get [to] be honest and provide a better value for those that believe in me, and because they do, I believe in them and take care of them (which is why I also enjoy working with other entrepreneurs and small businesses the most).

Melissa Mavour, Mavour Caribbean Shipping and Logistics

The challenge and freedom of creating something of my own from scratch, initiated by my own vision and perspective. My business is in its infancy and one of the challenges is keeping the long-term purpose of everything I’m doing today in focus. The day-to-day tasks and immediate goals can darken the destination ahead but keeping it in mind is like a renewable energy source to fuel forward motion and discourage complacency. As the owner I can acknowledge my own growth and accomplishments, set my own milestones and give myself my own rewards.

UX Five Web Design Services

Living in harmony. Meaning: you know your actions are aligned with your dreams. You aren’t a puppet being told what to do based on someone else’s dream. It’s your dream. Is it harder? Yes. But, read above.

Natosha Anderson, Freelancer

What I like most is that I don’t clock in for someone else and that I feel free to do what I want, when I want to, and that basically translates that I’m more in control of my day and how it turns out.

Stephen Kent, Freelancer

Connecting with people all over the world can be so rewarding and you get the chance to learn from each other!

Celea Star, Freelancer

Having my own business means I can work as long as I want, and reap all the rewards. I cannot be slammed for making too much money or told to hold back on being helpful to others. I love what I do. How I do it. Changing lives for the better.

Becky Mollenkamp, Becky Mollenkamp Creative

Being my own boss means I get to set all the rules. I can work when I feel most inspired and take a break when I need one. My clients are my only bosses, and delivering quality work is my only goal. That’s the ultimate freedom, and that’s what entrepreneurship is all about.

Jack Stone Marketing
While the fact that having your own business means benefiting from being able to make your own decisions and grow the business in the way you want, JSM’s focus on SMEs means that the best thing I get out of it is being able to help other entrepreneurs who have taken that leap, taken the risk to start up on their own. Being able to play a part in their success is extremely rewarding.

Atmosphere Ethics and Training Inc.

I can give more time and genuine assistance to my clients without restriction! People love to feel and support businesses that appreciate their patronage.

I believe top quality service has the power to increase revenue. Expectations are made to be exceeded in my book.

Richard Bolton, Horsemen Military Surplus

The satisfaction I get when a customer smile[s] and say[s] thank you for your store. In basic, serving others.

Brian Winch, CleanLots

Seeing the results of my work. Having a flexible work schedule. Knowing I’m making a difference in my community by cleaning up litter.

Laura Seeber, Writer

I actually love the challenge of it.  Ever since I started my own business, I’ve had to learn to adapt, think on my feet, be creative, and demand not only the best from myself, but from those I work with.  It’s been an exhausting, and exhilarating ride, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

James Anderson, Rentcharlie

Being invested in my own success or failure.  Unlike being in the corporate machine, I have the opportunity to lead from the front – and that’s a responsibility that I can get excited about.

Sue Boggs, Writer

A straight line between me and my clients. No bureaucracy to mess with. I just deliver good work.

George Janes, G. Janes Landscaping and Renovations

What I love about working for myself is I’m doing what I love doing.

Chris, The All Around Insurance Professional and Insurance Educator

I believe owning a business is a privilege and not a right. Owning a business is a blessing. A blessing many will never see. But the few of us that are blessed with businesses should cherish this experience.

I enjoy owning a business due to the responsibilities that come with owning a business. Helping clients, educating clients. Providing inspiration to new comers. Giving back to those that supported me along this journey. The freedom to spend more time with my kids. The ability to feel proud that I’m making a difference.

Michael Humphrey, Spreadsheet Solutions for Small Businesses

Being an entrepreneur allows me to pursue my goals in a safe and comfortable environment. I suffer from a series of social conditions that make it difficult to function effectively around others. I am 51 years old and never understood why I have had so much difficulty fitting in and working for others. Now I can build my business 1 email at a time, completely concentrating on my customers, without the fear and anxiety that come with working around others in person. Therefore, being an entrepreneur allows me to be myself.

Amy Ohm, Treatment Diaries

I believe Entrepreneurship is the pinnacle of doing something you love the way YOU see it making the most sense. It’s often born out of personal experience in searching for something that doesn’t exist and recognizing opportunity. It can be big or small, mainstream or niche and any type of market.

My favorite part about taking on the challenge of actually pursuing something in the entrepreneurial sense is the reward of satisfying the needs of many. A personal cancer diagnosis inspired Treatment Diaries – my desire to connect with others without being social in the traditional sense. An opportunity to privately and anonymously connect with those who relate to a particular health experience who can provide insight, support and friendship. You see, I’d never known this was an opportunity without the experience and now this experience has led to a platform connecting users in 133 countries across 2,000+ health related conditions. The freedom to do anything and make it matter—Entrepreneurship!

Amy Butcher, Freelancer

I love being my own boss. I love the creativity of making my own business decisions. When you work for yourself, you get to shape the clay of your life into your own vision.

Brian Rogers, Blue Maven Law

I love the creative aspects of entrepreneurship…of seeing an empty space in the market, thinking about ways to fill the void, and developing and executing a business strategy for long-term success.

New York Financial Group

For me it is the challenge of watching how the business grows and how I have impacted small business owners and seeing their dreams come true. The true benefits are not always recognized if we just chase the money. In truth, being your own boss is just the opposite. IT is about helping people and knowing your services are making a difference in that person’s life, big or small.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and Happy Small Business Week!

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