If you work full time, it never hurts to have some extra cash coming in, whether to help you pay bills or enjoy the occasional lunch out with friends.

In addition to earning money, these side hustles/quick cash endeavors can give you the chance to hone your skills, meet new people, or at the very least, clean out your apartment.

See what you can do to earn some money in your spare time:

1. Sell Your Stuff

The internet is a giant marketplace that makes buying and selling items easier than ever. Between Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, Etsy and even Facebook, there are a wealth of options for selling new and used items—just be sure to steer clear of online fraud.

The web isn’t the only place to offload your property. You can also sell your stuff by:

  • Negotiating a fair price at a pawn shop.
  • Hosting a garage sale or participating in a community garage sale.
  • Setting up a table at a farmer’s market, flea market, trade show, etc. (you may have to pay for a booth/table, so be sure to budget that cost before booking a spot).
  • Alerting friends when you’re selling large items.
  • Purchasing an ad in the classifieds.
  • Dropping off items at a consignment store that offers a commission upon sale.

2. Clean

There is no shortage of part-time, one-off, or seasonal cleaning opportunities, whether it’s organizing someone’s personal office or detailing vehicles. The benefits of odd cleaning jobs are that they’re usually available in the evenings and weekends, which works well for those who work during the day.

Cleaning positions also pay decently well for a day’s work, so consider checking out your local online job board for openings or ask around. You never know who might pay to have their walls washed.

3. Write

Do you have decent writing skills? If so, you might consider doing some freelance writing on the side. There are many opportunities online, including writing blogs, articles, or reviews, as well as managing social media pages for businesses.

You can start by asking your network if they know of any freelance work opportunities, or sign up on fivver or upwork, which are websites that connect you with clients in need of freelance services.

4. Design or Develop

Just like writing, if you have any skills in design, photography, or website/application development, there are plenty of freelance opportunities as well—both with individuals and businesses. The benefits include working from anywhere (so long as you have a computer and a Wi-Fi connection), making your schedule, taking on as much or as little work as you want, and choosing who you work with.

5. Participate in Surveys, User Testing, or Focus Groups

If you’re looking for some quick cash and don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to a steady side gig, there are many one-off things you can do to earn money, including participating in surveys, user testing, focus groups, and even mystery shopping.

Many websites will pay you to fill out surveys or complete user testing, allowing you to earn money without leaving the house. In contrast, focus groups and mystery shopping require that you physically show up to a location to complete a task.

Businesses will pay for valuable feedback as part of their market research, so take advantage of any opportunities where you get paid to help a company to improve their product or service for the consumer.

6. Seasonal Work

The seasons come and go and so does demand for certain types of workers. Seasonal work is not only flexible but also allows you to network and learn new skills.

Here are some popular seasonal jobs:


  • Shovel snow or drive a snowplow
  • Wrap holiday gifts at the local shopping center
  • Fill in at a busy retail store
  • Work at a ski resort


  • Spring cleaning
  • Plant flowers
  • Work at a golf course or park


  • Landscaping
  • Assist photographers at weddings
  • Work at a summer camp, ranch, or amusement park


  • Rake leaves
  • Work at a Halloween store
  • Offer tutoring services to students

7. Ride-Sharing

If you live in any of the major US cities, there’s a chance you’ve used Uber, Lyft, or another ride-sharing service. Many of the drivers work part time to earn extra cash during the evenings, on weekends, or whenever they have time on their hands.

If you have a reliable vehicle that passes all the ride-sharing requirements, such as valid insurance and registration, and you don’t mind dealing with strangers, then consider ride-sharing as another money-making alternative.

8. House-Sitting/Pet-Sitting

When people are out of town on business or a family trip, there’s peace of mind in hiring a house sitter to check in on their home, water their plants, collect mail, and even feed their dog or cat while they’re away.

Typically, homeowners prefer someone they know to look after their home or pets while they’re away, so tell your friends and family you’re available to house-sit on their next vacation.

9. Coach or Tutor

If you have enough experience with a sport or activity, think about becoming a coach or offering lessons on the side. This can be a rewarding position in that you get to lead a team, see personal development in athletes, and sharpen your skills. Coaching is a commitment, though, so make sure you have the time to see the season through until the end.

Tutoring is another way to make extra income, whether it’s helping students with their homework or teaching a new skill, such as piano, computer basics, or art lessons. You can get started by asking friends and family about opportunities, inquiring at schools or community centers, or connecting with parents on tutoring sites.

10. Airbnb

If you have extra space in your home, you can list it on Airbnb so visitors can rent it out while they’re in town. You provide people with the accommodation and they pay you for their stay.

Allowing people to rent out your apartment or home for a few days is a quick and easy way to make money if you’ll be away and not occupying it, or if you have unused space.

What side-jobs have you tried?


Posted by Kristy DeSmit

Kristy is a blogger, Twitter enthusiast, and company legalese interpreter.