The holiday season is almost upon us, and with all of the new entrepreneurs sprouting up everywhere, it’s likely that you still have at least one on your list to buy for. While entrepreneurs are individuals, who have different interests and traits, they do have motivation, drive, and courage in common.

Many of them will still work hard over the holidays, and may not take the time they need to recharge. That’s why we’ve created a list of gift ideas that will help any solopreneur in your life to enjoy the season and to make their (usually) hectic life a little bit easier.

Take a look and see if any of these ideas would be a fit for the hard working freelancer you know and love!


Every entrepreneur loves gadgets, and in this day and age, you can find one for just about anything. Since many people who work for themselves find it hard to manage the small, everyday things, think about getting them something that will make their life a little more manageable. That could mean anything from a key finder to a digital keyboard.

Reading Material

Entrepreneurs soak up information, especially when it comes to their industries. To be a successful competitor in a world of small business, you need to be on top of any and all news and changes within your area of expertise.

That’s why a magazine subscription or a few carefully chosen books can be of such great value to freelancers. Find something that would either be relevant to their business interests, or something that offers information on an aspect of their business that they need help with.

Giving them a reason to sit back and take a few quiet minutes to read might be just what they need when things get hectic and they don’t want to take an actual break for fear of missing out on something.

Ad Credits

Depending on their business, entrepreneurs can advertise through a variety of mediums: television, internet, radio, print ads, etc. But those ads can be quite costly. Helping them out with advertising costs can take a big weight off of their shoulders, and you’ll see the difference your gift makes when clients start rolling in.

Most times, entrepreneurs put their hearts and souls into their businesses. It’s important to remember how much it means to them, and by supporting their goals you can help them to be successful and to thrive.


Solopreneurs try to be good at everything. Since they make up every position within their business, it’s necessary for them to be knowledgeable of every aspect of their business, from product creation to accounting.

However, just because they are knowledgeable of the many facets of their business doesn’t mean that they are actually good at maximizing the potential of each different facet.

Sometimes, all they need is a little guidance. This is where a gift like tickets to a marketing seminar would come in handy. If there’s an expert speaking in the area in the coming year, and you think the entrepreneur in your life would benefit from the event, send a ticket their way.

They’ll appreciate the chance to learn from an expert, and it’s a gift that you can feel good about.


From small supplies to furnishings, every entrepreneur needs to have an office. Whether it’s an extra room in their home, or they actually rent a space in a building, most new entrepreneurs will put more money into their product or idea than the office where it comes from.

We all know how important a comfortable space can be, and how conducive it can be in inspiring creativity, motivation, and drive. If you know a solopreneur with a drab or empty office space, get them a little something to spice the place up.

Small office supplies are always handy, as are bigger pieces like standing desks or paintings. If they’ve got that covered already, think about personal supplies like a nice organizer or a well-made briefcase. A lot of the time, entrepreneurs will pour everything into their business, without worrying too much about themselves. It’s okay to spoil them once in a while with a little something just for them.

Legal Forms

As businesses expand, so do their legal obligations. As mentioned before, solopreneurs will do their best to handle every aspect of their business, but the legal aspect isn’t one that you should attempt to take care of on your own if you aren’t certain you know what to do.

That’s why a subscription to employment, business, and finance forms from a company like LawDepot can make a practical gift for any entrepreneur looking to expand in the New Year. It’s just another way for you to help out your loved one by taking some of the weight off of their shoulders.

Personal Gifts

Sometimes we just need to splurge on ourselves, but that can be difficult when you have a business to run and books to balance. Many freelancers will go without so that they can invest in their business.

Think about a little something special that would really make their day, like a fancy coffee maker or a gift card to a business clothing store. Save them from feeling guilty about spending money and help to make their days a little brighter by offering something that they really would never buy for themselves, but could probably use.


Business software is a costly necessity for any business. Think design, programming, accounting, and marketing programs. As mentioned before, entrepreneurs are often running their businesses alone, so while it may be simple to afford one or two important programs, keeping up to date with market changes and the latest and greatest programs can start to leave a dent in their wallet.

Purchase a subscription to a program you know that they could use. It could be something small, like an app, or something bigger like a full suite of design tools. Whatever it is, they’ll appreciate it, and will likely put it to good use.

Your Time

If you’re good at design, marketing, accounting, or anything else, offer your assistance to an entrepreneur. Perhaps they need some help with a website, or design input on a pamphlet or business card. Offer your time to help with anything you can.

If you don’t have any skills relevant to their business, give them a hand cleaning or organizing. Perhaps you could offer to do a supply run or help them to move their office to a new space. Kindness goes a long way, and it’s a gift that you can’t put a price tag on.

An Investment

If you’re really running out of ideas and the entrepreneur you’re shopping for is someone close to you, whose business you believe in and support, consider becoming an investor. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to make a difference, as even a small amount can help to get them ahead.

If you’d like, and they are willing, you can ask for shares in return for your investment, which may make you some money down the road.

More than anything else, your support in their dream will inspire them and motivate them—a gift that isn’t easily given, and that means a lot to a solopreneur.

In Conclusion

Give something from your heart, and something that shows your support. Entrepreneurs often feel alone in their ventures. Showing them that you understand their passion and that you believe in it is one of the best gifts that you an offer.

As an entrepreneur, what’s on your holiday wish list?

Posted by Brittany Foster

Brittany is a writer, editor, and content manager interested in law, marketing, and technology. She's been writing for LawDepot since 2014.