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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Child Travel Consent?A Child Travel Consent form is a letter of permission granting authorization for a child to travel:

With an adult who is not a guardian or parent
With a group, such as on a school trip
With one parent, when the parents are divorced or separated
When should I use a Child Travel Consent?A child travel consent should be used when the child will be traveling alone, on a trip with a guardian who is not a parent (grandparent, family friend, aunt or uncle, teacher), or with only one parent.
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Declaration for Domestic Travel with One Legal Guardian

I, ____________________ of _________________________, ____________________, __________, Australia declare that I am the lawful parent/guardian of:

  1. ____________________, male, born August 27, 2016 at ____________________

I have sole custody of the child and do not legally require the consent of any other person to travel with the child.

My child, ____________________, has my consent to travel with me to: ___________________________________________________________.

Signed on this 27th day of August, 2016.


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