Shareholders' Resolution

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LawDepot's Shareholders' Resolution:

  • Protects a corporation by legally recording all decisions of the corporation and its shareholders.
  • Offers a choice between a Shareholders' Resolution form and a Minutes of Shareholders' Meeting form.
  • Allows for the inclusion of multiple resolutions.
  • Is a comprehensive, inexpensive, and easy-to-use Shareholders' Resolution form.

If you need to record a decision of the board of directors, try our Directors' Resolution form. If you need to record the first organizational meeting of the shareholders, try our Shareholders' Organizational Meeting form.

We regularly maintain this contract. Last Modified: June 2016

Shareholders' Resolution Details
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This software has the flexibility to let you quickly create the Shareholders' Resolution document you want. It does this by providing many options with appropriate defaults.

One common default is 'Do Not Specify'. This default means that the finished agreement will not have a clause dealing with that topic. The benefit of not specifying is that you get a shorter and simpler document, and in some cases, the issue may not even be applicable; however, the document will be less precise

If you are unsure of an answer, you can leave the answer blank and a blank line will be inserted in the place of your answer. You will be able to fill in that answer later (but before the contract is signed).

Governing Law:
Jurisdiction of Incorporation:
Select the state in which the corporation was incorporated or the state in which the corporation was continued. If you are unsure of your corporation's jurisdiction, check your articles of incorporation or corporate charter.
Meeting Details:
Date of the Meeting: (e.g. June 30th, 2016)
Stockholder Information:
Number of Shareholders:
First Shareholder's Name:
All Shareholders were Present: Yes No
Number of Resolutions:

Check here for an example:

The following persons are appointed as the directors of the Corporation for a term equal to the greater of one year or until replaced:
First Resolution:

Is the resolution effective on the meeting date? Yes No
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