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Performance Contract Details
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Agreement Format: Long Version Short Version
The Long Version of the Performance Contract includes additional clauses and terms that will make your contract more precise, able to deal with more situations and easier to enforce. The Short Version omits those terms that are not absolutely necessary to express your terms.
Governing Law
Governing State:
Purchaser Information  (the party hiring the Performer)
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Performer Information
Stage or Performance Name:
The stage name, band name or performer name the performer appears under.
Number of Performers:
Name of First Performer:

Who has contract signing authority?

Performer Contact Information
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Venue Information
Venue Name:
(Name of location where performance is to be held)
Phone Number:
Performance Description:
(e.g. Rock and Roll, Country and Western, Magic act, etc.)
Performance Term:
Payment Type:
Note: Where the amount is dependent on percent of sales, you will be asked to select between 'gross ticket sales' or 'net ticket sales'. Where 'net ticket sales' is selected you will be asked to provide a list of accepted expenses from which net sales can then be calculated.

All monetary amounts will be in the designated currency.

Deposit to Performer? Yes No
Agreement Cancellation Deadline:
The Performer and the Purchaser reserve the right to cancel this Agreement without obligation upon written notice to the other prior to the cancellation deadline. (eg. June 28, 2015, etc.)
Final Cancellation Date:
Where the Purchaser cancels this Agreement after the final cancellation date the Purchaser will be required to pay any balances owing in full. (eg. June 28, 2015, etc)
Performer Duties and Obligations
Can the Performer sell CD's and merchandise at the Performance? Yes No Do Not Specify
Purchaser Duties and Obligations
Must the Purchaser obtain liability insurance prior to the Performance? Yes Do Not Specify
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Additional Clauses:
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Signing Details
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