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Governing Law

Your INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT will be governed by the laws of Kentucky. Also, it will be tailored to meet the specific laws and regulations of Kentucky.


Customer Information



Contractor Information


Services Provided

Important: Be specific. Set clear expectations. This will help avoid misunderstandings later.

(e.g. Human resources. These services will include: hiring, staffing, scheduling, payroll, firing, discipline with adherence to a strict budget.)

Duration of Agreement

The "Notice Period" refers to the amount of time that is provided by one party to another when they
wish to end their obligations under this Agreement prior to any agreed end date.


(e.g. 20.00)





Dispute Resolution

Optional Clauses

You may also select one or more of the following optional clauses as needed:

Ownership of Materials

Customer: If the materials or processes developed in the course of this Agreement provide a solution that is specific to the business of this Customer or if the Customer wants to pay a premium for exclusive ownership of any materials or processes then ownership rights could be granted to the Customer.

Contractor: Where the designs or processes are more general in nature and the Customer only requires a license for use then the Contractor may wish to retain all ownership rights, title and interest for the purpose of distribution to other or future clients.

Additional Clauses

Signing Details