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Rental and Leasing Forms

  • Rental/Lease Agreement
    Rental/Lease Agreement
    A Residential Lease Agreement outlines the terms of a residential tenancy between a landlord and tenant.
  • Commercial Lease Agreement
    Commercial Lease Agreement
    A Commercial Lease Agreement creates a commercial tenancy between a landlord and business tenant.

Prior to Renting

  • Letter of Intent
    Letter of Intent
    A Letter of Intent provides a non-binding letter for two or more parties to outline an understanding for a future agreement.
  • Offer to Lease
    Offer to Lease
    An Offer to Lease is a formal letter or statement expressing interest in leasing a commercial property.
  • Residential Rental Application
    Residential Rental Application
    A Residential Rental Application is used by landlords, lessees, and property managers to collect information on potential renters prior to leasing.
  • Residential Rental Inspection Report
    Residential Rental Inspection Report
    A Rental Inspection Report is a checklist used to document the physical condition of a rental property at the beginning and end of a tenancy.
  • Hold-Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement
    Hold-Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement
    A Hold Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement allows one party to protect another party against any future losses or claims that may result from a particular activity.
  • Roommate Agreement
    Roommate Agreement
    A Roommate Agreement is used between two or more roommates to set out the rules and responsibilities of the shared tenancy.

Eviction Notices

  • Landlord
  • Notice of Lease Violation
    Notice of Lease Violation
    When a tenant has violated a lease term, the landlord can request compliance using a Notice of Lease Violation. If the tenant fails to comply within the specified notice period, the landlord may terminate the lease.
  • Notice of Termination
    Notice of Termination
    Notice of Termination is used when: a .The Landlord wishes to terminate a periodic tenancy (such as a month to month lease), or b. The Lease Agreement requires advance notice for the termination of the Lease.
  • Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
    Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
    A Notice to Pay or Quit is used by a landlord to request payment when a tenant fails to pay rent on time. The landlord then has the option to evict the tenant if they do not pay.
  • Notice of Rent Increase
    Notice of Rent Increase
    A Notice of Rent Increase notifies the tenant that his or her rent will be increasing.
  • Tenant
  • Notice of Intent to Vacate Premises
    Notice of Intent to Vacate Premises
    A Notice of Intent to Vacate Premises is used when the Tenant (under a fixed term) wants to give notice to the Landlord that the Tenant plans to vacate the Premises at the end of the notice period.
  • Notice to Repair
    Notice to Repair
    A Notice to Repair is used by a tenant to notify the landlord that a repair is needed on the leased premises.
  • Termination by Tenant
    Termination by Tenant
    Tenant Notices are given to a landlord by a tenant, and include Notice of Intent to Vacate, Notice of Termination, and Notice to Repair.

Subleasing Forms

  • Landlord's Consent to Sublease
    Landlord's Consent to Sublease
    A Landlord's Consent to Sublease is used when a tenant wishes to sublease the premises to a new tenant and requires the Landlord's written permission to do so.
  • Commercial Sublease Agreement
    Commercial Sublease Agreement
    A Commercial Sublease Agreement is used when the original tenant wishes to transfer the remaining lease obligations under a commercial tenancy to a subtenant.
  • Residential Sublease Agreement
    Residential Sublease Agreement
    A Residential Sublease Agreement is used when the tenant transfers property rights over to a third party, known as a subtenant, for the remainder of the residential lease term.

Lease Amendment and Assignment

  • Landlord's Consent to Lease Assignment
    Landlord's Consent to Lease Assignment
    A Landlord's Consent to Lease Assignment is a form of written permission provided by the landlord in order for the original tenant to transfer all rights and obligations of the lease to a new tenant.
  • Lease Assignment Agreement
    Lease Assignment Agreement
    A Lease Assignment Agreement is used when a tenant wishes to transfer the entire interest that they have in the property to a third party. The third party assumes the rights and responsibilities of the original lease.
  • Lease Amendment
    Lease Amendment
    A Lease Amendment is used to make changes to an existing lease (e.g. changing the permitted use of property or term length). The original lease remains in effect, but with the amendments.

Equipment and Property Rental

  • Equipment Rental Agreement
    Equipment Rental Agreement
    An Equipment Lease Agreement is used when an owner (lessor) rents out equipment (machinery, electronics etc.) to another person (lessee) for a specific time period.
  • Personal Property Rental Agreement
    Personal Property Rental Agreement
    A Personal Property Rental Agreement is used when a lessor (owner) rents out personal property to a lessee (renter) for short or long-term use.

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