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Family, Marriage, and Cohabitation Forms

Resolve family legal issues quickly and easily with LawDepot

Marriage and Separation

Getting married, or entering into a separation, are both situations that are often difficult for many individuals from a legal and financial standpoint. While seeking a lawyer's advice may help guide you through these major events, you can take care of many family legal agreements on your own using LawDepot.

A Prenuptial Agreement, for instance, protects you and your future husband or wife by specifying separate and shared assets before you get married. Alternatively, when you want a legal separation, you can use a Separation Agreement to divide property and assets as well as possible child and spousal support arrangements.

Cohabitation and Common Law

Cohabitation or Common Law is when two people, who are typically in a romantic relationship, live together but are not legally married.

If you are entering into a cohabitation or common law relationship, you may take comfort in knowing it can easily be arranged by following LawDepot's step-by-step instructions to create your own Cohabitation or Common Law Partner Agreement in minutes.

Children and Consent

If you have children, and wish to issue consent for their travel or health care, a personalized Child Travel or Medical Consent letter can be created, printed, and downloaded instantly.

Family Changes

Many changes occur throughout our lifetimes that require legal documents to sort out new living arrangements, the beginning or end of a marriage, or travel and health care permissions for a child.

For every moment life brings your way, LawDepot can help you easily create your own family legal documents at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to enlist a professional attorney.

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