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Estate, Wills, and Power of Attorney Forms

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Estate Planning

What is estate planning?

Planning your estate properly prepares for the distribution of your assets after you die to help ensure there are no uncertainties regarding your intended wishes.

What is the benefit of estate planning?

Estate planning serves many purposes. Creating a Last Will and Testament allows you to have direct control over where your assets go after your death, as opposed to the government deciding how your assets will be divided.

More specifically, it ensures that your loved ones are cared for should you ever pass away suddenly. It also alleviates any unnecessary stress on your loved ones if they know that you have prepared clear and thoughtful instructions on how to administer your estate.

What do I need to plan my estate?

Everyone should plan their estate using a Last Will and Testament to specify which family members, friends, or organizations they intend to leave assets to. In your Will, you name an executor to carry out your estate plans. He or she is in charge of seeing to your estate's dispersal.

When should I create a Will?

People often put off making a Will because they don't think they have enough assets, or they believe Wills are only reserved for the ill or elderly. Once you are the legal age (18 in most states), you are free to start planning your estate, especially if you have children or expect to at some point. Your Will doesn't need to be complicated, and in 5-10 minutes you can easily create one on your own.

After creating your Will, it can be updated as necessary, such as after major life events (divorce, death, children, or illness), or you can make minor changes to it using a Codicil.

Health Care Planning

What is advance health care planning?

Advance health care planning refers to documenting your wishes regarding your medical treatment in the event you are no longer able to communicate these decisions for yourself. It also refers to legally appointing an individual to make health care decisions for you.

Why is advance health care planning important?

Advance planning is extremely important for unplanned events or situations, such as if you suddenly become sick or incapacitated.

Without having health care documents in place, family members are forced to make tough decisions on your behalf. Preparing your wishes in advance gives your family, as well as your health care professionals, a clear indication of what types of treatment you want to receive in specific situations. That way, if an unforeseen medical problem does occur, you have made your wishes known and don't leave the burden of making life-altering choices up to a family member.

What do I need to plan my health care in advance?

To plan your health care wishes in advance, you will need a Living Will, also referred to as a Health Care Directive, which allows you to specify your perspective on personal medical treatment. You may also wish to designate a Medical Power of Attorney (Health Care Proxy or Health Care Representative) to make medical decisions on your behalf. Usually a Health Care Proxy is someone you can trust and has your best interests in mind. It's important to share your treatment wishes with your Proxy so they are aware and can make the best decisions possible for you.

When should I start health care planning?

Like estate planning, it's never too early to document your health care wishes. Accidents or illnesses can happen suddenly, so it's best to plan ahead when you are in the right frame of mind to give your own medical treatment some consideration.

Similar to a Will, your Living Will can be updated as often as necessary to reflect your current wishes regarding your health.

Family and Estate Planning

By preparing your estate and health care plans in advance, you can protect your family should something happen to you. Most importantly, in a time of grief, your family will need guidance in respect to your health care and estate. By taking a moment to create these documents now, you can help to ensure that you and your family have peace of mind moving forward.

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