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Shareholder Forms

Forms for shareholders in a corporation.
Shareholders' Organizational Meeting

Shareholders' Organizational Meeting

A Shareholders' Organizational Meeting document records the initial resolutions and actions of the shareholders to organize the corporation.
Shareholder Agreement

Shareholder Agreement

A Shareholder Agreement is a contract between shareholders of a corporation. It specifies shareholder rights and responsibilities, and includes terms on internal management, share valuation, profit distribution, dispute resolution methods, and more within a corporation.
Shareholders' Resolution

Shareholders' Resolution

A Shareholders' Resolution can be used to record minutes during a shareholder meeting or to describe shareholder resolutions in lieu of a meeting.
Share Repurchase Agreement

Share Repurchase Agreement

A Share Repurchase Agreement is used when a corporation wishes to repurchase shares from one of its shareholders.
Shareholder Proxy

Shareholder Proxy

A Shareholder Proxy allows an individual or corporation to appoint a representative to vote at a shareholder meeting.
Share Purchase Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement

A Share Purchase Agreement is a contract used for the sale of stock or shares between an existing shareholder of a corporation and another individual or corporation.
Share Subscription

Share Subscription

A Share Subscription is used when new common shares/stocks are issued by a corporation and sold to a purchaser, also known as a subscriber. The subscriber executes this document and it is then retained in the corporation's records.
Shareholder Loan Agreement

Shareholder Loan Agreement

A Shareholder Loan Agreement is used when a corporation is borrowing money from one of its shareholders; a shareholder is lending money to its corporation; or a corporation owes money to a shareholder (for salary etc.) and the parties need a record of the payment for tax purposes.

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Business and Employment Forms

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As an entrepreneur, you'll need several legal forms to get your business off the ground. Not only is it recommended you have a strong business plan, but eventually you will need to establish corporate rules and manage employees as your company grows.

Starting and Growing a Business

The paperwork involved with starting a company may seem overwhelming without an expert's assistance. While consulting an attorney is never a bad idea, LawDepot can help you take care of most of the legal paperwork you need on your own, without the additional expense and time it takes to enlist a professional.

With LawDepot, you can easily personalize documents for your business, whether you are:

  • A sole proprietor managing all aspects of your business
  • A general partner who shares partnership responsibilities with others
  • A member of a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • A shareholder in a corporation
  • A member (co-venturer) of a Joint Venture

Most importantly, we will walk you through a step-by-step process to create your legal documents– giving you peace of mind knowing your legal needs are taken care of and that your business is heading in the right direction.

Running and Managing a Business

As your business grows, you may need to hire employees, contractors, or consultants to complete work for you, or even enter into Service Agreements with other businesses.

LawDepot has a form for every business arrangement and employment opportunity, including Employment Contracts, Consulting Agreements, and more– all of which can be completed online in 5-10 minutes.

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